16 Sep 2020

The Elevator Pitch: James Shaw on who he'd fight for

11:40 am on 16 September 2020

The politicians on our screens are renowned for long winded, waffly answers - but what if they didn't get that much time? In this series, the leaders are limited to the length of an elevator ride to pitch their party.

In today's Elevator Pitch Green Party Co-leader James Shaw finds himself in a tiff with another leader and pushes his priorities for the party.

In this episode Shaw tells Charlotte Cook why it should be a part of the next government.

James Shaw reveals who he would fight for (in a non-violent way), and gushes about his crush on a comic strip from the 80s.

He said the Green Party had achieved so much in three years, and deserved another term in government to continue proving itself.

Although when it comes to a policy it wouldn't negotiate on, Shaw said: "We don't have bottom lines, we have top priorities."

But he ran out of floors to get them all out.

In previous episodes, National Party leader Judith Collins says she would like to pinch a Green MP and Winston Peters refuses to let his cartoon crush slip.

The Elevator Pitch is a five-part series where leaders of the main parties pitch why someone should vote for them in the time it takes to ride the elevator.

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