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7:10 Victoria rocked by nearly 50 'mystery' Covid-19 cases 

Harsh Covid-19 lockdown conditions in Victoria, such as those previously imposed in New Zealand, are set to be announced within days by Premier Daniel Andrews, as the virus continues to take hold in the state. This comes off the back of news that there are now 49 'mystery cases' being investigated in Victoria. Australian correspondent Rebekah Holt joins the show with the latest.

Commuters walk past Melbourne's Flinders Street Station on July 23, 2020.

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7:20 Southland tavern set to become a hospital

The name Melissa Vining will be familiar to many. Her husband, Blair, died in 2019 after using the last months of his life to campaign for cancer care reform. Melissa has continued to fly the flag as a cancer advocate and on Friday the Southland charity hospital she has been helping to create came one step closer after The Clifton Club Inn was handed over so it can be transformed into the facility. Melissa joins the show from Winton to discuss how this incredible initiative has been achieved. 

Southlander Melissa Vining making a TV appearance during the red, white and black day.

Southlander Melissa Vining making a TV appearance during the red, white and black day. Photo: Supplied

7.32 The House

More departing MPs have delivered their farewell speeches to the House reflecting on the highs and lows of being an MP. The House picks out some common themes from the valedictory statements given last week. 

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Photo: VNP / Daniela Maoate-Cox

7:45 Calling Home: Peap Tarr in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Originally from Auckland, artist Peap Tarr has called Cambodia home for the last 10 years. Based out of Phnom Penh, Peap and his wife Lisa Mam helped kick-start the Cambodian street art scene, and over the years the pair have grown their portfolios to include clients such as Stussy, Toyota and Coca-Cola.

8:10 Study shows the body reacts 'remarkably well' to overeating pizza 

We're told from a young age that eating too much food - particularly calorie-dense takeaway fare - is nothing but bad for you. However, a groundbreaking new study by researchers out of the University of Bath has found that the human body is set up rather well to handle an overindulgence of pizza. Lead researcher Aaron Hengist joins the show to explain.  

Hot Homemade Pepperoni Pizza Ready to Eat

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8:25 Politicians, journalists rated amongst NZ's least trusted figures 

Research New Zealand's latest survey asked Kiwis to rate their trust and confidence in a number of occupations and professions. The news is good for emergency service workers, medical staff, the police and teachers but not so good for politicians, public servants and members of the fourth estate. Research NZ managing partner Emanuel Kalafatelis joins the show to discuss the results. 

Journalists making media interview with businessperson or politician

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9:06 Mediawatch

This week Mediawatch looks at the confusion created by reporting of political opinion polls - and a survey of hundreds of articles published after the Christchurch Mosque attacks. And Mediawatch also meets the German journalists reviving North & South magazine. 

Newshub political editor Tova O'Brien unveiling the results of their latest political opinion poll.

Newshub political editor Tova O'Brien unveiling the results of their latest political opinion poll. Photo: screenshot / Newshub

9:37 Beijing correspondent: 'There can be no affront to China's national dignity' 

A recent research poll has shown that negative views of China are continuing to grow in the U.S., with 73% of adults saying they have an unfavourable view of the country. Meanwhile, China's satisfaction with its government continues to increase. China correspondent Nathan van der Klippe is with us from Beijing.

(FILES) In this file photo taken on June 30, 2017, flags of the US and China are placed ahead of a meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture in Beijing.

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9:50 Landmark research shows what makes a successful relationship 

The secret to a successful relationship doesn't come down to who you're with, or your partner's personality traits, but the dynamic you build with them. That's the main takeaway of a wide-ranging study out of Western University in Canada. Professor Samantha Joel joins the show to explain what makes a relationship work and how the researchers came to their conclusions.  

Holding hands.

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10:08 The global manhunt for the real life Jack Sparrow 

USA Today called Steven Johnson's new pirate book, Enemy of All Mankind, the "perfect book to cozy up with during the pandemic". But it is also a harrowing account of the most dastardly pirate you've probably never heard of, the 'Pirate King' Henry Every, and the brutal lifestyle and appalling existence that pirates really endured. Pirates of the Caribbean it is not... 

Pirate ship

Pirate ship Photo: Supplied

10:40 Mungo Jerry: Celebrating 50 years of 'In The Summertime'

Mungo Jerry's buoyant tune 'In The Summertime' is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable summer jams ever recorded. Composed by Ray Dorset (aka Mungo Jerry), the song was originally released in May 1970, and it entered the UK chart at No. 13 and the following week hit No.1, staying there for 7 weeks. Despite it being winter on this side of the globe at the time, the track also topped the New Zealand charts 50 years ago today. 

Musician Roy Dorset - aka Mungo Jerry - was on the top of the New Zealand charts 50 years ago today with his smash hit 'In The Summertime.'

Musician Roy Dorset - aka Mungo Jerry - was on the top of the New Zealand charts 50 years ago today with his smash hit 'In The Summertime.' Photo: Supplied

10:52 Time appears to be running out Donald Trump 

The Trump campaign now has less than 100 days before election day in the US to change a narrative that has seen president Donald Trump fail the leadership test during the pandemic and miss the shift in public mood following the death of George Floyd, leaving Joe Biden ahead in the polls and pretty well all the metrics. US correspondent Karen Kasler is with us to discuss. 

Donald Trump arrives for the Independence Day events at Mount Rushmore National Memorial in Keystone, South Dakota.

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11:05 A love letter to the mighty Mataura River 

Dougal Rillstone's new book, Upstream in the Mataura details his 70-year fascination for the Mataura River - a river that almost claimed his life in the 1970s - from his childhood in Gore through until the present day. He accounts the incredible 240km journey he undertook from sea to the source of his home river, and looks at how the river has changed over the course of his lifetime.

Dougal Rillstone

Dougal Rillstone Photo: Supplied

11:30 NZ's metalhead, cat-crazy, self-publishing romance queen  

She has been legally blind since birth, but that hasn't stopped paranormal romance writer Steff Green from undertaking a self-publishing career that sees her clear a six-figure salary. Steff, who is based in Kaipara, is in the Musical Chair this morning, to discuss writing, her love of heavy metal, and why she is giving back to disabled writers and those of colour. 

Steff Green

Steff Green Photo: Supplied