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7:11 Jo Brookbanks: Armistice Day at Auckland War Memorial Museum 

It's big day for the Auckland War Memorial Museum which is open late mark World War One ending 100 years ago. There will be an official ceremony along with numerous performances as well as guided tours. Jo Brookbanks has been central to co-ordinating the special day in her role as Audience Development and Engagement Specialist at the museum. She explains what’s on offer on 11 November, starting at 11am.
Download the full programme for Auckland Museum's Armistice Day here
Information about the Fields of Remembrance here
For more information about what is going on around the country to mark the occasion here’s the full list.
For more on the Roaring Chorus initiative here’s the brief.

7.30 The House

A recap of some major events from the week in Parliament.

7:45 Descendants' role in special day

Lt Col Chris Powell and his 14-year-old son Rupert Powell

Lt Col Chris Powell and his 14-year-old son Rupert Powell Photo: Supplied

Lieutenant Colonel Chris Powell is a member of the Army Reserves, and will attend the Armistice Day service today at Auckland War Memorial Museum with his 14 year old son Rupert, who has a special role. 

8:10 Insight: Learning revolution or pathway to ignorance?

Haeata Community Campus uses radical new teaching methods.

Haeata Community Campus uses radical new teaching methods. Photo: RNZ Insight / John Gerritsen

Classrooms have changed radically in the past decade as schools strive to provide an education that is personalised and future-focused. John Gerritsen explores arguments they are equipping children with the skills they need for success against warnings that essential subject knowledge is being lost.

8:38 Steve Miller: protecting premature babies’ brains

Professor Steven Miller

Professor Steven Miller Photo: RNZ

Professor Steven Miller is  an expert on brain development in premature babies. Through MRI scans he has studied premature children's neurological issues. He’s in New Zealand collaborating with Distinguished Professor Jane Harding at the Liggins Institute to find out how nutrition can affect these vulnerable babies’ neurological development and long-term prognosis. He’s also giving a public lecture on 13 November. He explains the progress being made in ensuring premature babies have the best chance of normal brain development and function as they grow up.

9:06 Mediawatch

With Colin Peacock. More secret Jami-Lee Ross recordings create more ethical questions for the media - and a possible case of dirty local politics. And the restricted reporting of political party conferences, and the squeeze on local papers gets tighter.

9:37 Anne Tenney: Pop-Up globe serenity

The name Anne Tenney might not ring bells, but when most see the Australian actor they remember her as Sal Kerrigan in The Castle, the cult Aussie movie that spawned a swag of memorable quotes. Others may recall her role as Molly in A Country Practice, which led to Tenney leaving Australia when her character died, to escape the public outpouring of grief  Now she’s lending her thespian talents here by taking on two roles in Pop Up Globe productions in Auckland, opening next week: Richard III and Taming of the Shrew. She talks about her career, the highlights and her first time taking on a Shakespeare role.

10.04 Ruth Pointer of The Pointer Sisters: she’s pretty excited

Ruth Pointer, centre, with daugher Issa, left and grandaughter Sadako.

Ruth Pointer, centre, with daugher Issa, left and grandaughter Sadako. Photo: Joe Cascio

Some of the biggest names of disco and their descendants will take the stage at Mt Maunganui this summer. One of those groups is The Pointer Sisters whom Billboard have ranked in the top 5 female groups.  With hits like "Jump", "He's So Shy" and "I'm so excited" they've won three Grammys and had seven top 10 hits. Original sister Ruth, her daughter Issa and granddaughter Sadako are the 2018 incarnation, and along with The Jacksons, Kool and the Gang, Village People, Sister Sledge and the Sounds of the Supremes and will play on 10 January at "A Summer's Day - Disco". Ruth Pointer talks about her life in the Pointer Sisters and what we can expect at the show.

10.40 James Nokise: eating fried chicken in the shower, as you do

James Nokise and Angella Dravid share a moment in Eating Fried Chicken in the Shower.

James Nokise and Angella Dravid share a moment in Eating Fried Chicken in the Shower. Photo: Supplied

For his new podcast on RNZ, social commentator and comedian James Nokise takes refuge in the shower. It’s his safe space while eating his comfort food - fried chicken. But he also interviews a range of people about their mental health. These entertaining yet serious interviews create a physically and emotionally intimate space where guests share their stories. James explains why the shower is his safe place - and the somewhat surprising places his guests feel safest.

11.04 Peter Jackson: They Shall Not Grow Old

Sir Peter Jackson’s digital wizardry on 100-year-old footage filmed on the Western Front during World War One has won international acclaim. They Shall Not Grow Old has been given five stars - its realism brings back to life the experiences of those fighting in the most deadly conflict in history. The grainy footage restored is accompanied by narration from the veterans using their accounts of the war recorded by the British Imperial War Museum and the BBC during the 1960s and 70s. Sir Peter explains the intent behind the film, which opens on November 11 in New Zealand, and why it’s also close to his heart.

11:19 Jane Tolerton: Kiwi teens on the Western Front

Historian Jane Tolerton is an expert on World War I. She helped set up the WWI Oral History Archive that recorded the voices of 84 veterans. She's used material from that as the basis to her latest timely work - it's an e-book called Kiwi Teens on the Western Front that focuses on the contributions of three teenage Kiwi soldiers. Sydney Stanfield, Leslie Sargeant and Thomas Eltringham join the World War One effort aged 15, 17 and 18. They fought with the New Zealand Division on the Western Front. She talks about their stories and others.  

Event: Jane Tolerton is also part of the an Armistice talk being held in Featherston on Sunday at 4pm. She's part of a three-person panel called 'In the Shadow of War' at the Kiwi Hall, Featherston.  Tickets are $16. Featherston Military Camp trained 60,000 men for service in World War One and a memorial will be unveiled there on 11 November

Jane Tolerton's ebook Kiwi Teens on the Western Front is for sale on her website now.

The Our Voices digital exhibition will run next year at the National Army Museum in Waiouru