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7.11 Tim Hazledine: time to give Kiwibank teeth

Economics professor Tim Hazledine

Economics professor Tim Hazledine Photo: RNZ

Professor Tim Hazledine of the Faculty of  Business and Economics at the University of Auckland addressed the huge profits of Australian banks in New Zealand in an op-ed column this week. His solution: get over the ideology and get government-owned Kiwibank to compete aggressively on price, even at the risk of its own bottom line.

7.30 The House

This week: a look at how MMP has changed Parliament since we opted for it 25 years ago.

7:45 Melodie Robinson on the Black Ferns' defeat

Melodie Robinson

Melodie Robinson Photo: Supplied

Former Black Fern and rugby commentator Melodie Robinson says although the team will be hurting from their loss to France 27-30, the fact the rest of the world is catching up to the Black Ferns is good overall for rugby .And the wider picture is greater coverage of women's sport.

8:10 Insight: room to move with GM in agriculture?

This week on Insight: Genetic modification in agriculture has long been a fighting issue. Some of our top scientists argue it’s time to consider GM again. Charlie Dreaver investigates if there is a future for its use in New Zealand's agriculture.

8.37 Gabrielle Baker: institutional racism is an awkward conversation

Gabrielle Baker

Gabrielle Baker Photo: Supplied

Gabrielle Baker is a Māori health expert and advocate for a pro-equity, anti-racist health system. She is a former public servant who now works as a consultant with a range of health sector agencies. Recently she’s been writing at The Spinoff in an effort to create a public discussion about inequity in the health system. She’s been following the Waitangi Tribunal hearings that are part of Wai 2575 – the Kaupapa Inquiry into health services and outcomes for Māori.

9:06 Mediawatch

With Colin Peacock. How we get around our cities has become a hotly debated issue in the media lately. Has all the media noise about cycleways and e-scooters had an impact on urban planning? Also: the legacy of pioneering media watcher Brian Priestley - and the death of Radio Live.

9.38 Hanelle Harris: breaking ground with Baby Mama’s Club

Hanelle Harris talking to Noelle McCarthy

Hanelle Harris talking to Noelle McCarthy Photo: RNZ

Baby Mama's Club series 2 cast

Baby Mama's Club series 2 cast Photo: supplied

Hanelle Harris is the creator of the successful and ground breaking web-series, the Baby Mama’s Club. It’s ground-breaking because all four lead characters are Maori or Pasifika women which is unusual on New Zealand screens. There’s a second series of Baby Mama’s Club coming soon to TVNZ on Demand - a prequel to the first one. Hanelle Harris is also an actor in the series. She explains why it’s so hard to have Maori and Pasifika women to break away from stereotypes in television and the big screen, as well how hard she’s worked to make that happen with the Baby Mama’s Club.

10.04 Ethan Plaut: overloaded by media - how much is too much?     

Dr Ethan Plaut, lecturer in media at University of Auckland.

Dr Ethan Plaut, lecturer in media at University of Auckland. Photo: Supplied

Dr Ethan Plaut, lecturer in media and communication at the University of Auckland, says the sheer volume of media messages in a 24-hour news cycle is more than anyone can critically process. Ethan Plaut is a former journalist who came from Stanford University to the University of Auckland in January and whose areas of interest include communication avoidance and propaganda.

10.40 Adam Saunders: chemistry with Keisha Castle-Hughes  

Adam Saunders is the star and co producer of the feel-good film Find Your Voice, premiering this week. It’s a coming-of-age comedy drama that follows the misadventures of aspiring Sydney rap artist, Elvis. It also stars Keisha Castle-Hughes and Tama Lundon, best known as singer and keyboardist in the Kiwi band Herbs. Like his character, Adam Saunders was born in Australia but is Maori and has experienced disconnecton with his Maori roots.

The NZ premiere of Find Your Voice is on  21 November at Event Cinemas in Newmarket and features a performance by Herbs at 5.30pm. Tickets here.

To host your own screening of Find Your Voice go to and register. (No ticket money is taken off your credit card until you've crowd-sourced enough people to show it at your local cinema.)

11.04 David Burton: 40 years of restaurant reviews

Tart and Bitter by David Burton

Tart and Bitter by David Burton Photo: supplied

David Burton has spent the past four decades eating at and critiquing Wellington restaurants. He's seen it all  during his time writing for the Dominion Post and the Evening Post as well as for Cuisine. During his career he's written around 2000 reviews on establishments in the capital and he's now put those into a book, Tart and Bitter - Four Decades of Dining Nightmares. But he says there’s no way it’s all been nightmares, despite the book’s title. For example, he’s proud to say he gave Peter Gordon his first ever five-star review.

11:20 History of Toys: Warwick Henderson

Art gallery owner Warwick Henderson is also an antique toy collector. In the past he has curated two major antique toy and games exhibitions - featuring much of his own collection spanning 40 years of gathering antique toys, games and other ephemera, from Meccano to Kewpie dolls and plastic cereal toys. They're all presented in a book called "The Fascinating History of Toys and Games Around the World".

11.43 Louise Ayling: the art of shoemaking

Louise Ayling’s love of shoes goes further than most. She learnt the traditional technique of making shoes by hand. She was recently a guest speaker at the inaugural Necessary Traditions festival in Christchurch run by Rekindle, a social enterprise dedicated to creating opportunities for resourcefulness. Louise honed her craft in London at a bespoke shoe-making company before returning home to Christchurch. She’s continuing her craft and explains how she’s keeping the traditional techniques alive and how a bespoke shoe is made. You can find her work on instagram LAshoemaker_bespoke.