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7.11 Wellington mayor Justin Lester: where to see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 

Wellington mayor Justin Lester has tips on where to be to see the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, in Wellington today. 

7:17 Maranui Cafe gets ready for royal visitors: Bronwyn Kelly

Bronwyn Kelly, co-owner of Maranui Cafe.

Bronwyn Kelly, co-owner of Maranui Cafe. Photo: Supplied

Wellington's Maranui Cafe in Lyall Bay is gearing up for a royal morning tea on Monday. Co-owner Bronwyn Kelly talks about the preparations and what's on the menu. 

7.30 The House

This week:  MPs who've taken a chance with Parliament's biscuit tin and succeeded.

7:46 Dr Nick Wright: prescribing a plant-based diet

Dr Nick Wright

Dr Nick Wright Photo: supplied

It's the last few days of World Vegetarian Month and it’s World Vegan Day on 1 November. For up to 6 percent of the population that’s no biggie - they're already vegan, vegetarian or semi-vegetarian. Gisborne GP Dr Nicholas Wright is a big advocate of a plant-based diet for health and says it can reverse heart disease and diabetes. He says just because you’re vegetarian or vegan doesn’t mean you’re healthy but people who eat a healthy plant-based diet can combat those diseases. He has put a  series of free plant-based videos online to help people. Dr Wright was also an adviser on a new homegrown documentary by Grant Dixon, that  tells Dixon's story about moving to a plant-based diet after a heart-attack. The Big Fat Lie opens in Auckland on 15 November.  

8:10 Insight: PNG to host APEC - but is it leaders before locals?

No caption

Photo: RNZ/Koroi Hawkins

Johnny Blades looks at Papua New Guinea's road to hosting the APEC leaders’ summit as PNG teeters on the verge of social breakdown.

8:38 Tracey McIntosh: investing in state care not state prisons

Professor Tracey McIntosh

Professor Tracey McIntosh Photo: RNZ

Professor Tracey McIntosh says many inmates, particularly women, are going straight from state care to state prisons. Her research on incarceration of mainly Maori has shown a distinct pattern of children who are removed from their families being on a trajectory to prison. She also works closely with female prisoners, teaching a creative writing course. Professor McIntosh explains what she believes is a better approach to reducing the prison population. She is also part of the Safe and Effective Justice advisory group considering justice reform.

9:06 Mediawatch

With Colin Peacock. Our media now make lots of online video for us partly because Facebook said its users love it. Did the media make a mistake going visual? Also: personal issues and the public interest in political coverage - and Slow Journalism.  

9:37 Michael Lewis’ The Fifth Risk: insight into US government handover

Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis Photo: Tabitha Soren

Michael Lewis is the author of books such as Flash Boys - about high frequency trading on Wall Street, Liars Poker, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game -  made into the Oscar-winning film, Moneyball and The Big Short. His latest book The Fifth Risk delves into the little discussed but an important aspect of the change of US Government - the handover. He writes that the morning after Donald Trump was elected President, the people who ran the US Dept of Energy - an agency dealing with some of the most powerful risks facing humanity  - waited to welcome the incoming administration's team. Nobody appeared. Across the US Government departments - same thing happened. Nothing. The Fifth Risk is a unique insight into the early days of the Trump administration, and beyond. To use the words of the Daily Telegraph, his take on Trump is "stranger and more terrifying than fiction".

10.04 Jennifer Ward-Lealand: on the big screen in Vermilion

Jeninifer Ward-Lealand in Vermilion.

Jeninifer Ward-Lealand in Vermilion. Photo: Supplied

A new New Zealand feature film, Vermilion, tells the story of a group of women who are close to each other - mothers, daughters, friends, neighbours - but are faced with a challenge when the lead character, Darcy, is confronted with a serious health crisis  - and there's her daughter's wedding to organise. Darcy is played by Jennifer Ward-Lealand, president of Equity NZ, who has carved a long and successful career on stage, TV and in film. Jennifer also stars in Silo Theatre’s Here Lies Love, on 22 Nov – 8 Dec at Q Theatre in Auckland. 

10.30 Dr Ingrid Visser: Orca spotter extraordinaire

Dr Ingrid Visser aboard her boat in Mill Bay, Mangonui Harbour, Northland

Dr Ingrid Visser aboard her boat in Mill Bay, Mangonui Harbour, Northland Photo: Emma Casagrande

Dr Ingrid Visser has dedicated most of her life to following, documenting, helping and protecting orca. She’s an international expert on the species and is part of an body of advocates pushing to free captive orca all over the world. Ingrid explains her passion for animals means she has missed weddings, family events and stood up boyfriends. Her work features in the opening episode of a new television series, Ocean Predators, hosted by Kina Scollay. It premieres Sunday night, October 28 at 7.30pm on Prime. 

10.50 Renee Porter: caring about those in care

Renee Porter

Renee Porter Photo: Supplied

This weekend an international conference called Global Care Family Gathering is being held in Scotland and a young New Zealand speaker delivered her speech at the event a few hours ago. It's a forum to discuss children in care, all over the world, and the best practices. Renee Porter is the Chair of VOYCE Whakarongo Mai, the Voice of the Young and Care Experienced, an advocacy group for children in care. She spent her own teenage years in care. Now 29, she's a qualified Care Experience Social Worker.

11.04 Scott Dixon: ‘It doesn’t feel that fast when you’re driving’

Scott Dixon isn't just New Zealand's most successful professional Indycar driver - he's one of the best drivers in the world. His record of 44 wins stretches back to 2001 and the five-time Indycar series champion has been part of the Chip Ganassi Racing Team for 17 seasons - the longest driving tenure in team history. A new documentary called Born Racer, directed by Bryn Evans, offers unique access into the world of Dixon and his family, wife Emma and children Poppy and Tilly, but also into the world of the Indianapolis 500. It follows Dixon's 2017 season in which he was chasing his fifth Indy title.

11.30 Valerie Mason-John: from orphan to inspiration

Valerie Mason-John

Valerie Mason-John Photo: supplied

Valerie Mason-John had the odds stacked against her from the moment her mother abandoned her as an infant. Her upbringing in foster homes and orphanages lead to a life of addiction, crime, eating disorders and even an attempt to take her own life. She managed to turn her life around to become an inspirational speaker, writer, performer, playwright and counsellor. Valerie Mason-John is in New Zealand next month for public talks and a one off workshop. She explains how she’s overcome so much adversity in her early life to help others facing their own issues.

Tuesday 6 November 7pm at the Wellington Buddhist Centre
Tuesday 12 November 6.30pm workshop for the recovery community at the Wellington Buddhist Centre
Tuesday 13 November 7pm Public talk St Andrews Centre on the Terrace. Mindfulness: an antidote to stinking thinking and addiction. 

18 November 3pm at Auckland Buddhist Centre - Public talk on Mindfulness in addictions and compulsive behaviours
20-21 November: workshop for DAPAANZ