28 Oct 2018

Valerie Mason-John: from orphan to inspiration

From Sunday Morning, 11:30 am on 28 October 2018
Valerie Mason-John

Valerie Mason-John Photo: supplied

Valerie Mason-John had the odds stacked against her from the moment her mother abandoned her as an infant. Her upbringing in foster homes and orphanages led to a life of addiction, crime, eating disorders and even an attempt to take her own life. She managed to turn her life around to become an inspirational speaker, writer, performer, playwright and counsellor. Valerie Mason-John is in New Zealand in November for public talks and a one-off workshop. She explains how she's overcome so much adversity in her early life to help others.
Tuesday 6 November 7pm at the Wellington Buddhist Centre
Tuesday 12 November 6.30pm workshop for the recovery community at the Wellington Buddhist Centre
Tuesday 13 November 7pm Public talk St Andrews Centre on the Terrace. Mindfulness: an antidote to stinking thinking and addiction.
18 November 3pm
at Auckland Buddhist Centre - Public talk on Mindfulness in addictions and compulsive behaviours
20-21 November: workshop for DAPAANZ