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12:16  Protecting our heritage buildings

Ben Schrader

Ben Schrader Photo: supplied

Efforts to save our heritage buildings over the years - successful and unsuccessful - are being researched by the winner of one of the biggest non-fiction prizes for New Zealand writers. Wellington freelance historian Ben Schrader has picked up this year's $25,000 Copyright Licensing Writers' Award. In the past Ben's written histories of New Zealand cities and State Housing. Now he's working on Won and Lost: Saving New Zealand's Built Heritage 1885-2016.


12.33 Mardo El-Noor

Artist and designer Mardo El-Noor collaborates just as naturally with music groups like Opshop and the Modern Maori Quartet as he does with cartoonists like Tom Scott. He's made short films and music videos, he takes documentary photographs, and he's one of many artists who divide their time between the advertising industry and visual arts scene. Last year Mardo was accepted into ART Venture 2016 - an acceleration programme for experienced creative entrepreneurs working in Auckland.  Lynn Freeman asked him about that, and about his new exhibition opening at Ponsonby Central as part of Auckland Art Week.


12:50 Making a century-old war relevant today

Auckland War Memorial Museum is about to unveil its new gallery, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele. Pou Kanohi New Zealand at War is making history  It's the first dedicated war memorial space designed to educate young people about the country's experience of the First World War,

It's interactive, using virtual reality and other technology to help young people find out the daily realities of war, to  understand why people were motivated to fight in the Great War, or to be conscientious objectors. Ben Bradford, the Museum's Exhibition Developer, explains to Lynn Freeman that this is the second new gallery opened, as the Museum undergoes a massive renovation.


1:10 At The Movies

This week, Simon Morris reviews The Lego Ninjago Movie, Kingsman The Golden Circle and A Ghost Story


1:31 Gavin Bishop's Biggest Picture Book Ever?

New Zealand's history, present and possible future is told in Christchurch illustrator and writer Gavin Bishop's most ambitious children's book yet. Aotearoa The New Zealand Story starts 65 million years ago, pictures well-known New Zealanders in war and peace, and shows some famous sites and disasters. And he manages to end on a hopeful note, despite warnings about polluted waterways, and species facing extinction.

Gavin Bishop will be one of the guest speakers at the Storylines National Children's Writers and Illustrators' Hui in Auckland later this week.  But he takes time off to talk to Lynn Freeman about his big history book, and remember how history used to be taught not too long ago.

Aotearoa The New Zealand Story by Gavin Bishop is published by Penguin Random House.


1:48  Cat Ruka and a fiery dance collective called Coven 

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Photo: supplied

Cat Ruka

Cat Ruka Photo: Amy King

For 14 years the Tempo Dance Festival in Auckland has reflected the New Zealand dance scene, bringing together emerging and mid-career dancers in every conceivable dance genre. Choreographer and teacher Cat Ruka has a long association with Tempo, first as a dancer performing headline-grabbing political works.

Now she's mentoring the dance collective Coven which is putting on a show called Inferno, blending Dante's "circles of fire" with Pacific stories around fire. Cat talks to Lynn Freeman about her own experiences performing at Tempo and that first solo show.



2:06 The Laugh Track - Nancy Zamit

Nancy Zamit

Nancy Zamit Photo: supplied

British actress-comedienne Nancy Zamit is part of the cast of the touring West End smash hit The Play That Goes Wrong.  Among her picks are TV sketch shows Smack the pony, Harry and Paul, Fawlty Towers and Saturday Night Live.


2:25 The powerful miniatures of Lina Marsh

In October 2019, we will commemorate the 250th anniversary of the first contact between tangata whenua and Captain James Cooks' Endeavour at Te Tairāwhiti.

This month, Gisborne commemorates that meeting with various mini-events this month in an event called Te Ha. One of the artists involved is Niuean-Maori object artist Lina Marsh. Lina's a painter, a weaver, and also uses the crochet, knitting, and sewing skills taught to her by her mother and nana. As she explains to Lynn Freeman, many of her small works are political, commenting on the impact of poor housing, gaming machines and finance companies on Maori and Pacifica people,

Lina's small creations will be on display in Gisborne shop windows next weekend, as part of the Te Ha commemorations.


2:40 Brannavan Gnanalingam's new novel reflects his Tamil-Kiwi upbringing

Brannavan Gnanalingam

Brannavan Gnanalingam Photo: supplied

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Photo: supplied

In Tamil-New Zealander Brannavan Gnanalingam's latest novel, a refugee is desperate to get to Wellington City from the Hutt Valley, despite a  'once-in-a-century' flood. The roads are blocked and there's no public transport. But If Sita doesn't get into the CBD she could lose her zero-hours cleaning job. She's also under pressure at home with an out-of-work husband and a demanding and difficult son.

Sodden Downstream is the name of Brannavan's novel, which he tells Lynn Freeman had its starting point after a fierce storm two years ago. Sodden Downstream is a Lawrence Gibson publication.


2:49 My Heels Are Killing Me - Working Style

No caption

Photo: Working Style

A growth in menswear is a global trend, and New Zealand label Working Style have experienced the ebbs and flows of what it means to be in the suit game. Sonia Sly heads to Auckland to meet founder Chris Dobbs and Creative Director Karl Clausen to find out more.


3:08 Dramas at 3 - Part 2 of sci-fi serial LifeAfter, and The First Friday

LifeAfter is a 10-part sci-fi adventure set in the world of spies and  artificial Intelligence. The action follows a low-level FBI clerk who lost his wife, Charlie, in a car accident. But since her death, he shapes his life around listening to her voice-posts on an audio social media website called 'LifeAfter'. And it's not just listening - he has conversations  online with Charlie.

The first Friday of every month is a short play by David Collins.

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