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At The Movies - The Bikeriders

10 Jul 2024

Dan Slevin reviews Jeff Nichols' drama about a Chicago motorcycle gang in the 1960s, based on Danny Lyon's famous book of photojournalism. Audio

Wednesday 24 July 2024

On today’s show



Simon Morris wonders if genre is always a good guide to a movie’s quality.   Just because you usually like that sort of film…  



Horizon:  An American saga – Chapter 1 is a typically epic Kevin Costner (Dances with wolves) western – at three hours it’s not even halfway finished apparently.   Written, produced and directed by Costner, it also features Abbey Lee (Mad Max: Fury Road), Sienna Miller (American sniper) and Sam Worthington (Avatar).




Longlegs is a hugely popular, serial killer horror film.   A sensation on social media, it’s reignited the career of Nicolas Cage as the titular villain – with a voice inspired by his mother!   Also stars Blair Underwood (TV’s Elsbeth) and Maika Monroe (It follows).




And from the French Film Festival, Divertimento, based on a real-life young woman from the Parisian projects who became one of France’s great woman conductors.   “Divertimento” is the name of Zahia Ziousani’s own orchestra.