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Movie review - Trolls Band Together and Renaissance A Film by Beyonce

6 Dec 2023

Trolls Band Together and Renaisance: A Film By Beyonce - two very different films about the music business. Audio

Wednesday 6 December 2023



Dan Slevin reviews The Old Oak, 87-year-old director Ken Loach’s latest film about a clash of cultures in an English village; Godzilla Minus One, the famous Japanese radioactive lizard reimagined for post-war Japan; and Trolls Band Together and Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé - two very different films about the music business.


Ken Loach has been making hard-hitting and socially conscious films and television since 1964. The Old Oak is reported to be his last and is a drama about a northern English mining village confronted by a coachload of Syrian refugees. Their arrival splits the village apart. 



The Toho studio in Japan made the first Godzilla movie in 1954 and the radioactive monster is still going strong. This version is set in the days following World War II. As Japan attempts to rebuild, Godzilla has other ideas.



In Trolls Band Together, the third film in the plastic toy franchise, Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake are putting the band back together to save someone they love.



Bonus content! Another huge concert tour has hit the big screen – Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé