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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 29 July 2020

1.12 First Song: Geoff Ong- Into Into You

Auckland based musician Geoof Ong has just released his new single Into Into You and to celebrate he's playing a show tonight at Cassette Nine in Auckland with Max Earnshaw and Manuela. Kicking off at 8:30pm, tickets are $10 on the door. He shares the inspiration for Into Into You for First Song.

1:17 Government announcement re isolation charges

The government is expected to make an announcement today on whether to charge arrivals for the time they spend in isolation.

Jesse speaks to expat Kim Crossman.

1:27 Cosmic matter: Asteroid passes by Earth

Unbeknownst to many of us, a small asteroid was passing by planet Earth last night.

It was so close in fact that it came nearer than satellites in what scientists describe as a 'geostationary orbit'.

Nelson-based space scientist Duncan Steel, who has spent time working for NASA, has written about the asteroid for sciblogs and joins Jesse to tell us more.

Asteroid 2020 OY4.

Asteroid 2020 OY4. Photo: Sciblogs / NASA

 Logo of Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Photo: Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

1:37  Ngā Taonga Sound Archives - Bluff oysters.

The Bluff oyster season is heading into its final month, after getting off to a rocky start in March when the season opening coincided with the arrival of Covid-19.  Lockdown meant the famous oyster festival had to be cancelled, but oysters were still able to be harvested as an ‘essential service.’  In today’s visit to the Sound Archives of Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision, Sarah Johnston plays us some recordings about the famous “taste of the South.”

1:45 The tail of Whangārei's Eel McPherson

This creature is a little bit of a celebrity in the world of eels in Aotearoa...

It made its home in Whangārei for 35 years with the Charlesworth family.

But after a 'once in a 500 year flood', it has disappeared.

Alyce Charlesworth - who was one of the guardians of Eel McPherson - tells Jesse about this very special tuna.

Eel McPherson.

Eel McPherson. Photo: Campbell Family Collection

Eel McPherson's home at the Museum of Fishes in the mid-90s.

Eel McPherson's home at the Museum of Fishes in the mid-90s. Photo: Campbell Family Collection

1:55 Afternoons Quiz Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly Photo: John Duke

2.12 Paul Bushnell's podcast picks

Paul Bushnell reviews two recently released history podcasts - The Service and Floodlines.



2:25 Bookmarks: Amanda Palmer

It's not often we have an international artist in the studio these days, but fans of New York-based singer, songwriter, musician, and performance artist, Amanda Palmer, will be thrilled she got stranded here over lockdown and has chosen to stay and put on some more live shows.  Amanda Palmer was the lead vocalist, pianist, and lyricist of The Dresden Dolls but she was on the last leg of a world tour of her four hour solo show There Will Be No Intermission when we went into lockdown

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Photo: Allan Amato


3:10 David Shimer - Russian interference in US elections is not a new thing

Russian interference in 2016 US elections is old news says foreign policy analyst David Shimer. Governments all over the world have been interfering in each other's elections for decades, influencing voters rather than tampering with the ballot box. He explains how the lessons of the past can help protect democracy in the future in his new book Rigged: America, Russia, and One Hundred Years of Covert Electoral Interference.  

3:35 Stories from Our Changing World. In search of southern right whales

A team of researchers is heading south for the winter, to the subantarctic Auckland Islands, in search of southern right whales. Team leader, Emma Carroll, from the University of Auckland, talks with Alison Ballance about the whales' remarkable comeback from the edge of extinction, the research project and how New Zealanders can help by reporting any whales they see around mainland New Zealand. 

A southern right whale tail slapping in Port Ross, Auckland islands.

A southern right whale tail slapping in Port Ross, Auckland islands. Photo: University of Auckland southern right whale research team 2009

3:45 The Panel with Ruth Money and Peter Fa'afiu

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First Song: Geoff Ong - Into Into You

Bookmarks: Amanda Palmer

Black Boys on Mopeds by Sinead O'Connor 
Talkin' About A Revolution - Tracy Chapman 
Mama's Cryin' Long by Rhiannon Giddens of Our Native Daughters