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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 28 July 2020

1:12 First Song


1:17 Why influenza rates are down 

There are lower rates of influenza-like illness around the country, and experts say this is connected to the Covid-19 lockdown and border closure.

Jesse speaks to Dr Jill Sherwood is a public health physician at the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR).

Influenza rates for 2020.

Influenza rates for 2020. Photo: Flutracking

Check out the ESR influenza dashboard here.

Close up portrait elderly 60s woman looking unhealthy use tissue blowing runny nose suffers from grippe warms herself with plaid, female feels upset crying having personal or health problems concept

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1:27 Paekākāriki penguins make raucous flatmates

Bride and Graham Coe share their home in Paekākāriki with some unusual housemates.

They're smelly, a bit noisy, and make quite an entrance.

Bride Coe joins Jesse to tell him about co-habiting with a group of little blue penguins/kororā, which nest under their house.

Kororā penguins

Kororā penguins Photo: Dr John Cockrem

1:35 Fishing adventures with Scott Parry

If fishing ain't your kettle of fish, you might not have come across this show.

'Fishing and Adventure' latest season will premiere on TV1 next month.

Co-presenter, company director, and founder Scott Parry joins Jesse in the Auckland studio. 

Fishing and Adventures with cousins Scott Parry and Michael 'Mig' Rumney.

 Fishing and Adventure presenters - and cousins - Michael (Mig) Rumney (L) and Scott Parry. Photo: Supplied.

1:50 The magical world of light art

Hawkes Bay-based artist and creative director, Anthony Van Dorsten, creates stunning immersive art installations that play with light and colour.

He joins Jesse to tell us about his work and an upcoming festival in the Hawke's Bay called Walk of Wonders.


2:10 Pip Adam - books on the complexity of love

Pip reviews three books that demonstrate how complicated love and compassion can be, particularly within families. 

The Swimmers by Chloe Lane , Almond by Won-Pyung Sohn and Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang

four hands spell L-O-V-E love

Photo: Tyler Nix / Unsplash

2:20 NZ Live - picks by sound engineer Andre Upston

Bands have been coming into RNZ studios since 2005 to play NZLive sessions on Afternoons.   One of the engineers who has recorded a lot these is Andre Upston.  We've got him in the studio and asked him to dig out some of his favourite performances.

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Photo: Aaron Lee

3:10 Ryan Speedo Green on Sing for your life

The great operas are full of stories of tragedy and triumph. But no story on stage can match the one Bass baritone Ryan Speedo Green has lived. As a 12 year old, he was sent to juvenile detention for threatening to kill his mother. Two teachers believed in him and helped the troubled African American boy rise to great heights in the world of opera. We'll talk to Ryan Speedo Green about a new show based on his past called Sing for Your Life. 

3:30 Healthy or Hoax

Healthy or Hoax today looks at whether adding activated charcoal to our foods, toothpaste and beauty products will improve our health.

Close-up Of Woman Cleaning Her Teeth With Charcoal Tooth Paste

Photo: Copyright (C) Andrey Popov

3:45 The Panel with Jennie Moreton and Eli Mathewson

Music played in this show

1.11pm L.A.B - In the Air

1.56pm Reb Fountain - Milk and Honey

3.31pm Mountain Boy - Brothers


2.30pm Music Feature - Andre Upston, RNZ 

Matthew Smith - Doesn’t this feel like home

Amber Maya - Salt

Soaked Oats - Suggah Doom

Nick Dow - Layers

French for Rabbits - Goat

Six60 - Ghosts