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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 22 October 2019

The two runners up and the winner of our Knit a Critter competition

More of the incredible entries received for our Knit a Critter competition


1:10 First song: Tina Cross

It's been FORTY years since Tina Cross became a household name when she won the Pacific Song Contest with Carl Doy's arrangement of Nothing But Dreams. The grooves, the moves, the good feels, the sheer pleasure of such an iconic part of our pop culture history............the memories!

To celebrate Carl and Tina have come together to take you on a trip down memory lane. They're performing at the Pumphouse in Takapuna on Friday night. Ticket details are here.

Tina drops by the studio to talk about the song that launched her career.

Tina Cross

Tina Cross Photo: Supplied


1:17 Blue belt priority for newly elected regional councillor

Thomas Nash is a newly elected councillor to the Greater Wellington regional council. He explains to Jesse his hopes to implement a blue belt for the region's coastline to protect marine life, ecology and restore habitats.

Thomas Nash

Thomas Nash Photo: supplied

1:27 Escaping Takahe to be exiled from Tawharanui peninsula

Auckland council's head ranger, Matt Maitland, explains why they have been forced to relocate two Takahe who keeping on breaking out the predator free reserve on Tawharanui peninsula. He also talks about the latest escape which lasted for ten days and left Matt with a broken wrist.

Takahē population soars above 400

Takahē population soars above 400 Photo: RNZ / YouTube

1:34 Best of the punster in Aotearoa to be crowned

The inaugural National Pun Battle Final will be held in Wellington this coming Saturday. Finalist Jeremy Warne explains to Jesse how the competition is judged and why the audience will be left cringing as the country's best punsters fight it out for the national title.

No caption

Photo: Supplied / Facebook

1:50 He Kākano Ahau


When Kahu Kutia came to the city she needed ground to stand on. That tūranga waewae became Tapu Te Ranga Marae, tucked away in Island Bay, Wellington. You would have never seen a marae quite like this.

All episodes in the He Kākano Ahau series are here

A givealittle page for the Tapu Te Ranga rebuild has been set up.

No caption

Photo: Supplied


2:10 Book Critic: Robert Kelly

It's time for our book slot and RNZ producer Robert Kelly is back to try and invent another genre. Today we're looking at history and travel writing that uses an ocean as its main storytelling device. We're tentatively calling it New Wave, but we're open to suggestions! 


LUÍS TEIXEIRA, PORTOLAN CHART. Lisbon, ca. 1600 Inscribed on a scroll “Por Luis Te[ixe]ira em Lix[bo]a.” Sold in 1867 by Henry Stevens (1791-1867) to Henry Huth (1815-78), The Huth Library (1880), pt. 4, 1171. Sale of Alfred Henry Huth (1850-1910), Sotheby’s, 11 July 1917, pt. VI, n. 5914 to G. D. Smith for Henry E. Huntington. Photo: Berkeley


2:20 Music Feature: Joan As Police Woman unveiled

Joan Wasser is an American musician who records and tours under the name Joan As Police Woman. She has worked as a session musician, collaborating with and contributing to recordings and performances by artists including Rufus Wainwright, Lou Reed, Anthony and The Johnsons, Tanya Donelly and Joseph Arthur. As a solo artist she has released five original albums, a set of covers and there's a brand new compilation, Joanthology which will get you up to speed with two discs of hits and highlights and a third disc of live performances. 

Joan is in New Zealand for her first tour of the country.She is in our Wellington studio for the weekly Tuesday music feature. Today we're going to hear some of Joan's songs and talk about what went into creating them.

Joan as Police Woman, Damned Devotion cover image

Joan as Police Woman, Damned Devotion cover image Photo: Play It Again Sam


3:10 The kiwi genealogist who helped catch the Golden State Killer

For 23 long years, the Golden State Killer, responsible for at least 13 murders and 50 rapes, evaded police. That is until a genealogist, born in New Zealand and living in California, got involved in the case. Using DNA left the crime scenes, Barbara Rae-Venter found relatives of the killer, which led police to the suspect, a former police offer now in custody. We'll talk to the Kiwi Time Magazine names as one of the 100 most influential people of 2019. 

Barbara Rae-Venter

Barbara Rae-Venter Photo: Supplied


3:30 Spoken Feature: Elemental 

RNZ's Elemental podcast is celebrating one hundred and fifty years of the periodic table of elements. Science producer Alison Ballance and chemistry professor Allan Blackman look today at Manganese.

The metal manganese is the essential 'essential element' for humans. It is a vital part of photosynthesis for plants and is also found in aluminium drink cans, says Prof Allan Blackman from AUT.

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Sue Bradford and Bernard Hickey