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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 21 October 2019


Presenting the incredible entries for our Knit a Critter competition. The finalists and winner will be announced at 3.30pm today!


1:10 First song: Kate Owen​

Lyttleton musician Kate Owen has had an exciting time of late. She's been working on her debut album which releases next year and on Friday she gave us a glimpse of what's in store.....she's in to play Lullaby, for First Song.

Details of her tour of the four main centres in March next year are here.

Kate Owen

Kate Owen Photo: Supplied \ Kate Owen

1:17 Aussie wastewater analysis shows stark divide between rich and poor

If you've ever felt a bit stink about your own job, spare a thought for a pair of dedicated researchers at the University of Queensland.

For the past THREE YEARS Dr Jake O'Brien and PhD candidate Phil Choi have been studying ...

Well, poo. They've been studying poo. Wastewater, more specifically.

It's not the most glamorous of subjects - but it can reveal important information about people, their health and their dietary habits, and how that's reflected by your socio-economic status.

Phil Choi was the lead researcher on the project and he joins us to explain more.

A wastewater treatment plant.

A wastewater treatment plant. Photo: 123RF

1.27 New film "Bub" to show at Toronto indigenous film festival

New Zealand tends to punch above its weight when it comes to making movies ... and the next generation of film-makers are no different.

Oriwa Hakaraia and Te Mahara Tamehana are both 16 years old, and are the co-writers and co-directors of short film Bub - which is showing at the imagineNATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival in Toronto ...

That makes them - as far as we know - the youngest New Zealand directors ever to have a film showing at a non-youth film festival.

Oriwa joins us in the Auckland studio to explain a bit more about it.

1:45 Great NZ Album: Black Seeds' On The Sun ​

Every week we feature one of the great albums in New Zealand music history.

Today we're playing some songs from the Black Seeds' seminal 2004 record On The Sun and chat to guitarist Daniel Weetman about how the album came into being.

The Black Seeds

The Black Seeds Photo: Supplied

2:10 Television Critic: Phil Wallington

TV reviewer Phil Wallington shares his thoughts on the second season of Kiwi comedy Wellington Paranormal and the TV show Batwoman.

2:20 Turning the Parisian tie factory into a piece of music

The people who work here at RNZ are more than just a bunch of pretty faces. Many of them have amazing skills and talents which have absolutely nothing to do with their jobs.

Corin Dann is a shredding guitarist, for example. Subeditor Denis Welch has just published a book of poetry.

And then there's Flo Wilson!

Flo is a sound engineer, who also works creating experimental audio art projects.

She recently finished off a which uses the sounds of a TIE factory to create a piece of music - and she joins us to explain more.

No caption

Photo: Free stock photos

2:30 The magnificence of Bollywood

Bright saris, swooning romance, over-the-top melodrama and catchy, colourful musical numbers - Bollywood movies are recognisable around the world.

In our expert segment today, we going to dive into the film industry that has eclipsed the one it's named after. The largest film producing industry in the world, Bollywood.

Vijay Varma is the Program Director for Indian radio station Humm Fm, and he's here to tell us everything we need to know about Bollywood and its movies.

Lagaan film

Lagaan film Photo: Aamir Khan Productions

3:10 The fat that's good for you

David Gillespie knows he seems like the last person to be doling out diet advice. He's not a doctor or a nutritionist, he's a lawyer who gathers and digests information. And he says research shows what he calls big fat lies about the type of fat that's good for you and what isn't. He shares what he's discovered about making healthy choices at the supermarket in his book, The Good Fat Guide How to add healthy fat to your diet and avoid the fats that cause cancer and other diseases.

Selection of healthy fat sources, copy space

Photo: 123RF

3:30 Announcing the winners of Knit-a-Critter 2019

We announce the two runners up and call the winner to let them know!

3:35 Voices

Coming up on Voices -  we hear stories of Nepalese women making a life changing difference in their communities here and abroad. 

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day

4:05 The Panel with Sue Kedgley and Gary McCormick