24 Aug 2017

Māori Party want Hosking dumped as debate moderator

1:38 pm on 24 August 2017

The Māori Party is calling for TVNZ's Mike Hosking to be removed as the moderator of the election debates, after his comments about the Māori roll.

Mike Hosking airs a controversial opinion on New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd on TVNZ's Seven Sharp last month.

Mike Hosking and Toni Street on Seven Sharp Photo: Screenshot

The party has lodged formal complaints over comments Hosking made during last night's episode of Seven Sharp.

Hosking was discussing the election with his co-host Toni Street, and an online voting survey she had taken.

Street said after doing the Vote Compass survey, it had "clarified where I should be voting".

"So is the fact you can't vote for the Māori Party because you're not enrolled in the Māori electorate, what are you going to do now," asked Hosking.

Under MMP, any voter can give their party vote to the Māori Party.

TVNZ said this afternoon it accepted Hosking's comments were inaccurate and he would make a clarification on tonight's show to clear up any confusion.

But Māori Party president Tukoroirangi Morgan said Hosking misled voters and abused his position of power and influence.

"It's appallingly misinformed and I am deeply upset about those comments. I think he's damaged our campaign.

"What Mike said wasn't tika or pono so we call on him and his bosses to correct that. At his level, as a national broadcaster, being ill informed is no excuse."

He said Hosking should be removed as the moderator of TVNZ's election debates.

He said TVNZ had a legal and ethical obligation to right the wrong.

"I'm calling for him to be removed as a political commentator firstly, and secondly I want a public apology on the programme."

The Māori Party has lodged formal complaints with TVNZ and the Electoral Commission.

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