22 Aug 2021

Daily cheer: Social media content from lockdown day 5

6:58 pm on 22 August 2021

It's Sunday, but Monday morning won't be quite like it was last week for anyone in Aotearoa. Here's some highlights of the lighter side of lockdown for your end of weekend cheer.

A portrait pie of Dr. Ashley Bloomfield.

A portrait pie of Dr. Ashley Bloomfield. Photo: Supplied / Devoney Scarfe

Now that's a lockdown pie! RNZ reader Devoney sent in this work of art featuring Dr. Ashley Bloomfield in edible form.

"It's condensed milk panna cotta with passion fruit pastry," she writes. She shares her bakery art on Instagram at @devoneybakes.

But it was Minister for Covid-19 Chris Hipkins who lit up social media with an accidental misstatement during the 1pm press conference, when he admitted it's hard for kiwis to "get outside and spread their legs when they're surrounded by other people." (Helpful hint - stretch those legs, don't spread them, unless you're doing the splits.)

Within minutes, there was a bit of a comic uproar:

It didn't take long for the memes to start, with Dr. Bloomfield's eyebrow-raising reaction drawing a lot of the attention:

And the hashtag:

It was probably the kind of cathartic meme that Sunday afternoon needed, to be honest.

We'll leave it to the Prime Minister's fiancee to provide the last word on that:

Meanwhile, there were other memes doing the rounds today:

It may have been Sunday, but even (socially distanced) birds need a hand in lockdown.

And over on Instagram, Anika Moa put on a live concert for babies and children, which was just what locked-down parents needed:

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