31 Oct 2017

My Food Bag: Some customers say they're still waiting

7:13 pm on 31 October 2017

My Food Bag is going to have to pull something special out of the bag to hold onto disgruntled customers, a brand expert says.

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Photo: Facebook / My Food Bag

Its food deliveries were delayed on Sunday but some customers say they are still waiting today.

My Food Bag delivers ingredients and recipes that are then cooked by customers.

Angry consumers online said communication had been appalling and some said it was not the first time their food had not been delivered.

My Food Bag said the delay was due to moving into a new modern warehouse and changing distribution processes.

The multi-million dollar company said only Auckland was affected and more than 99 percent of customers now have their food.

But Tim from the town of Drury, near Auckland, said he spends $160 a week on the product.

He said it was shocking he was still waiting and has had no contact from the company.

The company should have trialled their processes before trying to meet customer demand, he said, and he was reconsidering his subscription.

Another customer, Kristyn, who spends $180 a week, said she did eventually get her parcel yesterday afternoon, but the process was chaotic.

There have been more mix-ups in the last month since they started signing off communication as My Food Bag and Bargain Box - its cheaper alternative - she said.

"Last week I received items that were ticketed as Bargain Box," she said.

"I've definitely noticed a change over the last few weeks."

Other customers, including Jacquelyn from Christchurch, were more forgiving, saying problems sometimes happened and the company's service was excellent.

"I think it's a bit extreme - we are talking about a food bag - it's not like these people have no food," she said.

She said the company had increased the number of support staff to deal with the influx of people wanting more information.

University of Auckland senior marketing lecturer Mike Lee said the company handled social media responses well, but it had become a victim of its own success.

"With that expansion, sometimes the services will degrade for a little while, while the company finds its feet," Dr Lee said.

The company would need to offer a grand gesture such as free subscriptions to retain its lifetime customers, he said.

"The biggest threat isn't the damage to the reputation, it's the other companies nipping at [their] heels."

My Food Bag refused a request from RNZ to tour its new factory, understood to be in South Auckland.

It said it was continuing to work with affected customers.

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