30 Oct 2017

My Food Bag fails to deliver to hungry customers

12:22 pm on 30 October 2017

My Food Bag and Bargain Box customers were left hungry and waiting last night after the company had problems with its delivery service.

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Photo: Facebook / My Food Bag

The food delivery company posted on social media, saying deliveries were delayed but staff were doing their best to ensure all boxes were delivered before 10pm.

Some customers received text messages to say their orders would not be delivered.

Angry customers took to social media saying communication had been appalling, with some saying it was not the first time their food bags had not been delivered.

"It was my first order and I had been so excited to receive it, and nope! Haven't got a bag for the week yet," a customer said.

"Disgusting. No texts and have been waiting up," another posted to the company's Facebook page.

But others weren't put out by the delivery glitch:

"Thanks - I was well informed throughout the whole evening. These things happen so don't worry guys!"

"It's not the end of the world! I got a text informing about the delay, we have used MFB for years, NEVER had a very late delivery! Keep the amazing work up guys."

My Food Bag co-founder Cecilia Robinson said the company moved to a new warehouse at the weekend and had implemented new processes, causing the issue.

"I want to apologize [sic] to our customers, they are the ones who have been affected, we've had a portion of customers who have had delayed deliveries and I can understand how frustrating that is."

Ms Robinson said they did not have numbers on how many people were affected, but said the company delivered to more than 65,000 households around the country.

"What we've set out to do as a business is to improve our service, we've invested significantly in new processes and the new warehouse, and we are going to deliver on that but we are just having some teething issues."