23 Aug 2015

Flags to Vocal Fry: the best reads

10:28 am on 23 August 2015

From Flags to Vocal Fry - radionz.co.nz put its stamp on some of the week's major stories.

In the second in a series, radionz.co.nz's two Tobys tackled the biggest NZ story to hit overseas media since the Marmite shortage.

Toby & Toby: The flap over the flag

The dominant foreign investor in New Zealand in the past two years turned out not to be the country which had been getting the most attention.

Largest foreign investor in NZ revealed

When Winston Peters called Mike Hosking a 'National Party stooge', he was following a long tradition of accusing media of bias, said Colin Peacock of Mediawatch.

Are media bias claims anything new?

After the Silver Ferns fell short at the final hurdle, Brigdet Tunnicliffe found some lessons in the Netball World Championship saga.

Five things we learnt from the Netball World Cup

More and more pregnant and homeless women are asking for help, Lauren Baker reported. .

Rise in number of homeless pregnant women

Jane Patterson looks at the distinction being made between selling assets and asset sales.

When is an asset sale not an asset sale?

And forget rising inflections, young women are ending their sentences with "vocal fry" - and few people like it.

Two women talking on phones

Photo: 123RF