26 Sep 2017

Epsom voters stand by Seymour after election result

7:45 am on 26 September 2017

National supporters who backed ACT Party leader David Seymour in the Epsom electorate say their vote wasn't wasted, despite him being ruled out of government.

ACT Party David Seymour 21 June 2017

David Seymour said while National didn't need ACT this time, it would again in the future. Photo: VNP / Daniela Maoate-Cox

Centre-right voters in Epsom usually support Mr Seymour in a strategic move for support in Parliament for the National Party.

But without the majority, National leader Bill English has made it clear he's only interested in a two-party coalition with New Zealand First.

National supporters who live in Remuera and voted for Mr Seymour say they aren't happy Bill English is trying to stitch up a coalition deal with Winston Peters and won't need their local MP.

But they are divided on whether they'll keep voting for the ACT Party leader.

Alan said he and his wife probably would back Mr Seymour again.

"It's not a wasted vote," he said. "David Seymour, he's got some good policies that I'm happy with and he's been good for the electorate too."

Iain Valentine, who's lived in the area for 45 years, said he thought Mr Seymour had made a great contribution and would continue to do so.

"He could well be a very effective opposition and in fact have more time to get his point across," he said.

"It is sad because I think he has great talent to contribute to the running of this country but in a way he'll survive through this I'm sure."

But a woman with her infant son was disappointed her strategic vote for ACT didn't pay off.

"Obviously it didn't work out this time with the loss of all the other smaller parties that normally would be National's other coalition partners," she said.

The mother said she was not sure she'd be voting the same way next time around.

"It'll depend on how National is going next time leading up to the elections but knowing what I know now, possibly not," she said.

Mr Seymour said for three of the past four elections ACT has been a vital partner for National and while National doesn't need ACT this time, it will again in the future.