NZ boxer "looking forward to making people pay"

3:31 pm on 7 April 2018

Boxer Alexis Pritchard has defeated Mantoa Ranone of Lesotho in the round 16 of the Women's 57kg category. She'll face Sri Lanka's Keshani Hansika on Tuesday.

"That's the kind of start that we wanted," Pritchard said.

"I needed to go out there and put my foot on it. I was really happy with what I did. I think maybe we could have done a little bit more, but it's nice just to finally get in the boxing ring and do it."

Earlier, the 34 year old told RNZ she wants to put the 2014 Glasgow games - where she feels she didn't fight her best - behind her.

Depsite a lot of questions about gold medals, she isn't guaranteeing anything.

"What I can offer is that I am going to be fighting my heart out at every moment," she says.

She's been able to change her weight class for these Games - in London and Glasgow she had to fight at 60kgs, and for the Gold Coast, the 57kg category has been introduced.

That's closer to her natural weight, and it means she's the bigger boxer. "I'm looking forward to making people pay."