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The Weekend with Emile Donovan for Saturday 31 December 2016

Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea Photo: RNZ/Shaun D Wilson

Music played in this show

Artist: Wet Wings
Song: Willow Peak (The Weekend's Theme)
Composer: Wet Wings
Album: Willow Peak
Label: Lil' Chief
Played at: 08:10, 09:06, 10:06, 11:06, 11:58

Artist: Blondie
Track: Hanging On The Telephone
Composer: Lee
Album: Parallel Lines
Label: Capitol 227689
Played at: 08:21

Artist: Aurora
Track: Half The World Away
Composer: Noel Gallagher
Album: All My Demons Greeting Me A Friend
Label: Decca 4737926
Played at: 08:41

Artist: Chance The Rapper ft. Kanye West
Track: All We Got
Composer: Chancelor Bennett, Kanye West, Nate Fox, Nico Segal, Peter Cottontale, Greg Landfair, Jr.
Album: Coloring Book
Label: Self Released
Played at: 09:21

Artist: Queen
Track: You're My Best Friend
Album: A Night At The Opera
Label: Parlophone 338478
Played at: 10:23

Artist: The Free Design
Track: 2002-a Hit Song
Composer: Chris Dedrick
Album: Heaven/Earth
Label: Light In The Attic Records 005CD
Played at: 10:40

Artist: Amy Winehouse
Track: You Know I'm No Good
Composer: Ronson, Winehouse
Album: Back To Black
Label: Island 171304
Played at: 11:06

Artist: Cornelius
Track: Mic Check
Composer: Oyamada
Album: Fantasma
Label: Trattoria 5623
Played at: 11:10

Artist: Cornelius
Track: Star Fruits Surf Rider
Composer: Oyamada
Album: Fantasma
Label: Trattoria 5623
Played at: 11:12

Artist: Perfume
Track: Clockwork
Composer: Yasutaka Nakata
Album: Level3
Label: Universal 1034949
Played at: 11:25

Artist: Gwen Stefani ft. Eve
Track: Rich Girl
Composer: M. Batson, J. Bock, Mike Elizondo, Chantal Kreviazuk, Gwen Stefani, Andre Young
Album: Love.Angel.Music.Baby.
Label: Interscope 000346902
Played at: 11:28

Artist: Joe Jackson
Track: Steppin' Out
Composer: Joe Jackson
Album: Night Music
Label: Virgin 839880
Played at: 11:32

Artist: Luke Bird
Track: Aotearoa - New Zealand National Anthem (Live on RNZ National)
Composer: Thomas Bracken, John Joseph Woods
Played at: 11:52

Artist: Luke Bird
Track: Auld Lang Syne (Live on RNZ National)
Composer: Trad.
Played at: 11:58