White Fern Amelia Kerr in action in Christchurch.

White Fern Amelia Kerr in action in Christchurch. Photo: Supplied

Music played in this show

Artist: Wet Wings
Song: Willow Peak (The Weekend's Theme)
Composer: Wet Wings
Album: Willow Peak
Label: Lil' Chief
Played at: 08:10, 09:06, 10:06, 11:06

Artist: Bear McCreary
Track: Theme from Outlander
Composer: Bear McCreary
Album: Outlander: Season 1, Vol. 1 (Original Television Soundtrack)
Label: Madison Gate Records / Relativity 40649
Played at: 08:34

Artist: Jess Locke
Track: Paper Planes
Composer: Jess Locke
Album: Paper Planes
Label: Less Talk Records
Played at: 09:38

Artist: John Lennon
Track: Mother
Composer: Lennon
Album: Plastic Ono Band
Label: EMI 528740
Played at:09:42

Artist: Silverchair
Track: Ana's Song (Open Fire)
Composer: Johns
Album: Silverchair: The Best Of, Vol. 1 (Compilation)
Label: Epic 985334
Played at: 09:48

Artist: Silverchair
Track: Straight Lines
Composer: Hamilton, Johns
Album: Young Modern
Label: Virgin
Played at: 09:52

Artist: Jess Locke
Track: Apple (Demo)
Composer: Jess Locke
Played at:09:57

Artist: Peter Gabriel
Track: Big Time
Composer: Gabriel
Album: So
Label: Virgin 811746
Played at: 10:30

Artist: The Features
Track: City Scenes
Composer: The Features
Album: X-Features
Label: Flying Nun fncd564
Played at: 11:19

Artist: Holliwater Band
Track: Kumbh Mela
Composer: Holliwater Band
Album: Maya
Played at: 11:25

Artist: Princess Chelsea
Track: Morning Sun
Composer: Leander
Album: AfterTouch
Label: Lil Chief 741921
Played at: 11:40

Artist: The Reuben Bradley Sextet
Track: Come On Home.
Album: Sing Sing SIng
Played at: 11:45

Artist: The Reuben Bradley Sextet
Track: I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter
Composer: Ahlert, Ahlert, Young
Album: Sing Sing SIng
Played at:11:57