1 Jan 2017

The stories of Papers Past

From The Weekend, 11:33 am on 1 January 2017
Emerson Vandey from Papers Past

Emerson Vandey from Papers Past. Photo: Supplied

It's almost daunting - so far there are almost 5 million pages of New Zealand historical documents to be explored, online and for free, on the National Library's Papers Past website.

There are digitised newspapers, letters, diaries, magazines, and parliamentary papers. It's a goldmine for historians and other researchers, writers and genealogists, and anyone else with an interest in our past.

Emerson Vandy works on Papers Past and he's unearthed some stories to share with us on The Weekend.

Web Links:

1 - Sources mentioning Charles Lorraine's life/death:

Book: Wingspread by Leo White

The tragedy of Captain Charles Lorraine, 1899

2 - Letters to the editor - June 1937:

"When did this happen?"

"End of 1899"

Some observations.

"I trust this will clear the matter up."

"These I preserve in a scrapbook".

Press retrospective, 30 June 1937

"Wrong balloon in that photo"

Original correspondent says thanks for the info.

3 - After Charles Lorraine's death:

In memoriam - 1904.

Canterbury Aero club - 1930.

4 - Many Lorraine + balloon results