1 Jan 2017

Joint Jukebox - Jess Locke and Tess Stewart-Moore

From The Weekend with Emile Donovan, 9:35 am on 1 January 2017
Musician Jess Locke

Musician Jess Locke Photo: Supplied

Flatties Tess Stewart-Moore and Jess Locke.

Flatties Tess Stewart-Moore and Jess Locke. Photo: Supplied

Shaun D Wilson plays Joint Jukebox with a pair of friends willing to spin the tunes that define their relationship - for good or for bad. The pop pickers on this occasion are Melbourne singer/songwriter Jess Locke and her friend and flatmate; art therapist Tess Stewart-Moore.

The pair have a spooky, acapella, folk band called Borscht, but you won't hear anything about that in this interview because there's so much discussion of Aussie-pop rockers Silverchair to include.

Music included:

Artist: Jess Locke
Track: Paper Planes
Composer: Jess Locke
Album: Paper Planes
Label: Less Talk Records

Artist: John Lennon
Track: Mother
Composer: Lennon
Album: Plastic Ono Band
Label: EMI 528740

Artist: Silverchair
Track: Ana's Song (Open Fire)
Composer: Johns
Album: Silverchair: The Best Of, Vol. 1 (Compilation)
Label: Epic 985334

Artist: Silverchair
Track: Straight Lines
Composer: Hamilton, Johns
Album: Young Modern
Label: Virgin

Artist: Jess Locke
Track: Apple (Demo)
Composer: Jess Locke