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The Weekend with Karyn Hay for Sunday 17 January 2016

Photo taken from the bottom of Truman Track in Punakaiki

Photo taken from the bottom of Truman Track in Punakaiki Photo: Richard Arlidge

Dick Smith is going into voluntary receivership

Dick Smith is going into voluntary receivership Photo: Bidgee

08:12 Getting your money’s worth at the shops

Unredeemed gift vouchers, perpetual sales, Dick Smith going into voluntary receivership, Trade Me putting its fees up.

Professor of Law at Canterbury University Duncan Webb, and Chief Executive of Consumer New Zealand Sue Chetwin discuss summer consumer issues.

08:30 Cyberbullying

It's only been around for a few weeks, so do we know if The Harmful Digital Communications Act will do what it's designed to? That includes dealing to cyber bullies. Children and teenagers are particularly vulnerable to cyber bullying but until now there have been precious few ways of defending yourself against them.

Bev Edwards from the Community Law centre in Tauranga works in this area.

08:50 Regional Snapshot: Northland

Peter Jackson is the editor of The Northland Age and is a Northlander born and bred; he talks to Lynn Freeman about what’s happening in his patch.

09:06 Media roundtable

Mediawatch’s Colin Peacock, satirist Robbie Nichol (White Man Behind A Desk), associate editor of the media industry news website StopPress Ben Fahy, and RNZ Head of Content Carol Hirschfeld talk about topical trends, and challenges in media.

09:30 Citizen Science: Kiwi conservation

Kiwi are our National symbol and around the country many communities are trying to protect kiwi in their patch from predators and habitat loss.

Much relies on private landowners being willing to get involved in kiwi monitoring and predator control.

The Taranaki Kiwi Trust is working with landowners and the Department of Conservation, as well as local schools and volunteers to protect the North Island Western Brown Kiwi.

09:40 Musical Siblings – Mara TK and Billy TK Jnr.

For Musical Siblings Lynn Freeman is joined by brothers Mara TK and Billy TK Jnr.

Mara is a member of Electric Wire Hustle, Fly My Pretties, and Data Hui, composed music for the play Hikoi, and has collaborated with many musicians including a joint album with Hollie Smith.

Billy is a renowned Blues guitarist who as well as pursuing his own solo career does excellent work as a sideman for other acts, he's also been a director of various jazz & blues festivals in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

10:07 Health: When can you decide your medical treatment?

When is a young person old enough to determine their medical treatment, including refusing help that could extend their lives?

For the medical profession these are some of the hardest ethical decisions because they involve balancing the wishes of an informed and unwell adolescent against the possibility that they might be foregoing their best or only chance at having a future.

Professor John McMillan is the head of the Bioethics Centre at Otago University, while Janine Winters works with children in palliative care as an affiliate of the centre.

10:30 Live The Dream - Keefe Robinson-Gore

Hearing an oral history recording of his nana talking about her relationship to the land and food has changed the life of Ngai Tahu rangatahi Keefe Robinson-Gore.

He was sad to think that his people had lost the skills she talked about the gardens, fruit orchards, even making their own butter. He's also concerned that this has come at a huge cost to Maori, not only in health but also socially.

Keefe wants to create a thriving eco system at his home marae in Akaroa that will produce an economic return and free healthy food for his whanau.

He's coming up with ideas this summer as part of the Inspiring Stories Trust's Live The Dream programme.

Keefe Robinson-Gore.

Keefe Robinson-Gore Photo: Guy Ryan

10:45 Buskers: Miss Behave

Swordswallower Amy Saunders aka Miss Behave has brought a gameshow to Christchurch's World Buskers Festival.

Amy Saunders Miss Behave

Amy Saunders aka Miss Behave Photo: RNZ/Andrew Collins

11:06 Travel: Punakaiki

Lynn Freeman heads to the West Coast of the South Island, to a township that is all too often only seen as a quick stop to see the famous Pancake Rocks, blowholes, en route to bigger neighbours Greymouth or Westport.

But Punakaiki is determinedly promoting itself as a destination worthy of at least a few days of your time.

For the outdoor enthusiast there is kayaking, horse riding, petrels, tramping and hunting in the vast Paparoa National Park.

It's also one of the best places in the country to see the night sky away from city light pollution.

Video: Goat leg being prepared for marinade.


11:30 Tumblr's Meme Librarian: viral media

Social media platform Tumblr is a hive of online activity where users share images, GIFS or whatever else takes their fancy.
If what they're sharing becomes popular enough it reaches the status of meme - an idea that spreads virally throughout the culture of the internet.
The Weekend's Shaun D Wilson spoke to Amanda Brennan, a Content and Community Associate at Tumblr, who catalogues and archives what Tumblr communities are into - that's led to her being called a Meme Librarian.

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11:45 Tokelau: Tobacco control policy project

Louise Thornley and Joe Wilson reflect on a VSA assignment to Tokelau to extinguish the Pacific's most staggering smoking statistics.

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Artist: Billy TK Jnr
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