17 Jan 2016

Live The Dream - Keefe Robinson-Gore

From The Weekend with Karyn Hay , 10:35 am on 17 January 2016

Hearing an oral history recording of his nana talking about her relationship to the land and food has changed the life of Ngai Tahu rangatahi Keefe Robinson-Gore.

He was sad to think that his people had lost the skills she talked about the gardens, fruit orchards, even making their own butter. He's also concerned that this has come at a huge cost to Maori, not only in health but also socially.

Keefe wants to create a thriving eco system at his home marae in Akaroa that will produce an economic return and free healthy food for his whanau.

He's coming up with ideas this summer as part of the Inspiring Stories Trust's Live The Dream programme.

Keefe Robinson-Gore.

Keefe Robinson-Gore Photo: Guy Ryan