Bic, Boh, and Pearl Runga

Bic, Boh, and Pearl Runga Photo: RNZ/Adrian Hollay

08:12 New Chief Ombudsman Peter Boshier

Former Principal Family Court Judge Peter Boshier was one of our highest profile judges during his eight years in that role, and intends to bring the same openness to his new role as Chief Ombudsman.

Judge Peter Boshier

Judge Peter Boshier Photo: RNZ/Zoe George

08:30 Men of the Year: Guy Ryan and Peter Beck

Peter Beck's Rocket Lab is at the forefront of rocket technology and he was the 2015 New Zealand Innovator of the Year. Peter’s goal is to revolutionise the space industry. Rocket Lab is currently building a launch pad near Gisborne.

The current Young New Zealand of the Year is Guy Ryan; who set up Inspiring Stories, a trust that aims to encourage the next generation of social entrepreneurs.

08:45 Regional Snapshot – North Otago

Lynn Freeman talks to Hayden Meikle; the editor of The Oamaru Mail.

09:06 Gardening: birds and worms

Dr Colin Meurk of Landcare Research talks about Travis Wetland,and enticing birds into home gardens, and Ben Alms, aka Dr Compost, shares the ins and outs of building a worm farm.

Links: Nature Watch NZ, Nature Services, and the Urban Greening Manual.



09:30 Citizen Science: going batty

Erin Griffith at East Taranaki Environment Trust heads Project Ultra, and over the summer she's been collecting images of long-tailed bats in hopes of learning more about them, their habitats, and population numbers in the Taranaki region.

09:40 Musical Siblings - Bic, Boh, and Pearl Runga

This time our Musical Siblings are the Runga sisters. Bic has an acclaimed career as a singer/songwriter. Boh made waves with pop-rock band Stellar*, is a solo act, released a collaborative album with Anika Moa and Hollie Smith, and has her own jewellery line. Pearl joined Boh’s old band Amez Amez which has evolved into cover band Automatic 80s, and teaches in the same primary school as her husband/bandmate Justin Maclaren. Pearl and Justin are also in synth-pop band The Broken.

Listen back to Bic's husband Kody Nielson (The Mint Chicks, Opossum, Silicon) when he was interviewed alongside his brother Ruban and dad Chris.

Bic, Boh, and Pearl Runga

Bic, Boh, and Pearl Runga Photo: RNZ/Adrian Hollay

Wellington GP Dr Cathy Stephenson

Wellington GP Dr Cathy Stephenson Photo: Supplied

10:07 Making the transition

Long before Caitlin Jenner came out, people who feel they have been born in the wrong body have taken steps to change what gender they're identified as.

What's changed now though is that some transgender people don't have to wait until adulthood to make the change.

Primary schools and parents are now trying to find ways to help young children make the transition. And while it can be tricky, it's also important.

10:25 Young Scientists: Alexandrea Whyte

Young researcher Alexandrea Whyte has been out in dense bush hunting for wētā and beetles, to see if they've been affected by 1080 poison drops in the area to control predators.

It's the fourth of a five year project, comparing areas that have had the drops compared to those that haven't in bush near the Rimutaka range north of Wellington.

Alexandrea signed up for this summer scholarship project at Victoria University and she and her supervisor Stephen Hartley join Lynn Freeman on The Weekend.

Wellington tree weta [Hemideina crassidens]

Wellington tree weta [Hemideina crassidens] Photo: Supplied

10:40 Road to Rio (Part 2): BMX, Judo and Trampolining

In the last part of a mini-series looking at our Olympic hopefuls we turn to issues facing some of our more niche athletes. Trampolinist Dylan Schmidt and Judo-ka Adrian Leat are both hoping to qualify for their first Olympic Games, while BMX silver medallist Sarah Walker wants to go back for Gold.

11:06 Collectibles (Part 2): Maori and New Zealand historical artefacts

We take a look at Maori and New Zealand historical artefacts and a taste for collecting Oriental pieces. Also, what are the current trends in collecting?

All this thanks to something of an antique itself: auction house Dunbar Sloane was founded in 1919. Dunbar Sloane Jnr. joins us.

11:20 Shannon Weaver - Collectors Anonymous

Shannon Weaver has travelled the length and breadth of the country cataloguing our antique and op shops, which are documented in a new book called Collectors Anonymous. Lynn Freeman also talks to RNZ News' Wellington Bureau Chief Gareth Thomas, who has one of the most inexpensive collections of them all...

11:30 A biography of skin

 Skin cancer and literature is an unlikely combination but they're both big players in the life of Dr Sharad Paul. He writes medical textbooks, poetry and fiction.

The Auckland cancer specialist and social entrepreneur will be talking about his book Skin: A Biography at the 2016 Jaipur Literature Festival in India.

Dr Sharad Paul

Dr Sharad Paul Photo: Jeremy Ansell/RNZ

11:50 Buskers – Graeme James

Musician and former TEDxQueenstown participant Graeme James talks about busking.

Musician Graeme James in an RNZ Auckland Studio

Musician Graeme James in an RNZ Auckland Studio Photo: RNZ/Jeremy Ansell

Music played in this show

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Song: Ship to Wreck
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Album: How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
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Artist: AnikaBoh&Hollie
Song: Part Of Me (Live)
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Album: Peace of Mind
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Song: Sentimental Dream Search
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Artist: Bic Runga
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Artist: Blondie
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Artist: Stellar*
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Artist: James Hall ft. Pearl Runga & Brett Sawyer
Song: I'll Meet You There
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