Deer on The Isle of Lewis

Deer on The Isle of Lewis Photo: RNZ/Lynn Freeman

08:12 Law: Community Justice Panels

Canterbury's Community Justice Panels are keeping people out of the court system while preventing low level crime from escalating. Manager of Community Law Canterbury Paul O'Neill talks about how he hopes the scheme will be rolled out nationally.

Paul O'Neill

Paul O'Neill Photo: RNZ/Andrew Collins

Prof Steve Pointing

Prof Steve Pointing Photo: Supplied

08:25 Science in New Zealand

International sales of drones is expected to soar from fewer than 4 million in 2015, to nearer 20 million this year and beyond. Many are for personal use but today we're looking at the way scientists are using them in research projects over difficult terrain. One of New Zealand's experts in drones is Dr Barbara Bollard-Breen.

To talk science Lynn Freeman also spoke to Barbara’s colleagues: Professor Steve Pointing who's the Director of the Institute for Applied Ecology and Dr Michelle Dickinson who heads the Nano-mechanical Research Laboratory and writes and performs as Nanogirl.

08:45 Regional snapshot: Nelson

Nelson based freelance reporter Naomi Arnold and RNZ News regional reporter Tracy Neal amongst other things talk about the on again off again Southern Link road.

Naomi Arnold and Tracy Neal in Nelson

Naomi Arnold and Tracy Neal in Nelson Photo: RNZ

Mike White

Mike White Photo: Supplied

09:06 Media: Investigative and crime journalism

Concerns about a lack of investigative journalism in this country are being aired more often and more passionately as news organisations slash costs, cut current affairs programmes and change focus. But all is not lost.

Mike White wins awards and finds himself in other media headlines for his features in North & South.

In 2013 his first book, Who Killed Scott Guy? became a number one bestseller. It examined the high profile murder of Guy and trial of his brother-in-law Ewen Macdonald. In 2015 after years of persistence, Mike got the necessary permissions to interview convicted double murderer Scott Wilson.




Alec Yates

Alec Yates Photo: Supplied

09:20 Young Scientist: Alec Yates - White Island Eruptions

What can the eruptions on New Zealand's most active volcano, White Island tell us?  Victoria University Summer Scholar Alec Yates tells us about monitoring magma movements.




09:30 Citizen Science: Monarch Butterfly Trust

Monarch Butterflies are such a delight and many people have swan plants in their gardens to help the species along. Jacqui Knight is part of the Monarch Butterfly Trust and has been keeping an eye on monarchs for nearly 35 years.

The Universal Monarch

The Universal Monarch Photo: Supplied

09:40 Musical Siblings – Like A Storm

Like A Storm is a Canadian based Auckland hard rock band that has been making waves in North America where they are almost constantly on tour. In the US their last three singles have been the highest charting songs for a New Zealand rock band ever, and certainly the highest charting hard rock group to incorporate didgeridoo, but then they're probably unique in doing that.

Like A Storm (Kent Brooks, Chris Brooks, Matt Brooks)

Like A Storm (Kent Brooks, Chris Brooks, Matt Brooks) Photo: Supplied

Dr Jeanne Snelling

Dr Jeanne Snelling Photo: Supplied

10:07 Health ethics: designer babies

Should parents be able to determine their baby's gender? Or choose its genetic makeup so it can be a donor for another child? Lynn Freeman spoke to Dr Jeanne Snelling who's an academic lawyer, and the Director of The Bioethics Centre in Dunedin, Professor John McMillan.





Linda Burgess

Linda Burgess Photo: Supplied

10:30 Television: 1970s vs 2010s

Linda Burgess is a writer, as well as a TV reviewer for RNZ National. For her next assignment Linda is taking up a residency on Waiheke Island to compare 1970s TV viewing to what's on screen now.






10:50 Buskers - David Ladderman and Lizzie Tollemache

Christchurch is about to be inundated with buskers as The World Buskers Festival begins.

David Ladderman and Lizzie Tollemache from Rollicking Entertainment are performing throughout the festival in Super Duper Girl, The Messy Magic Show and co-hosting the Le Tigre Bleu tent.

Lizzie Tollemache and David Ladderman

Lizzie Tollemache and David Ladderman Photo: RNZ/Andrew Collins

11:06 The Western Isles (Part 2)

The Isle of Lewis is on the same Island as Harris but so very separate in many ways.

Lewis is best known for the impressive Callanish standing stones that date back to the Bronze Age. There are also the Lewis chessmen, a group of 78 12th-century chess pieces uncovered in 1831. They're extremely rare and carved in walrus ivory. None remain on Lewis; they're in museums in London and Edinburgh.

Video: Panoramic view of The Butt of Lewes

Lynn also ventures to The Isle of Skye in the Inner Hebrides where she met some young pipers who happened to be playing in Portree.

Video: Portree Pipers

11:41 Food: Lorne Sausage

Terry McKee from Island Bay Butchery's Strathmore shop shares his Scottish recipe for lorne sausage, which is more meatloaf than sausage.

Video: First Steps, Mixing, Packing & Freezing

Associate Professor Jonathan Elms

Associate Professor Jonathan Elms Photo: Supplied

11:50 Future of Shopping

Head of Massey University's retail programme Associate Professor Jonathan Elms on the future of retail and shopping: which stores will stay, which will go, the influence of the internet, consumer choice, holograms and robotic shop assistants, and why we like to shop.

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