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7:11 All Blacks trounce the Boks

The All Blacks vs South Africa rugby championship match last night at North Harbour Stadium was an absolutely trouncing, 57-0. Joe Porter talks about the game.

7:15 Police make an arrest over London Tube bucket bomb

Police have now arrested an 18 year old after the terror attack on a London Tube train on Friday. London correspondent Catherine Drew reports.

7:20 Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh: Corinne Ambler

Corinne Ambler in Bangladesh

Corinne Ambler in Bangladesh Photo: Red Cross

Red Cross communications manager Corinne Ambler was in  Bangladesh to assist with that country's shocking floods. But now she’s helping .thousands of Rohingya muslims flooding across the border from Myanmar into Bangladesh, a humanitarian crisis of massive proportions.

7:32 Charles Anderson: South Koreans relaxed over latest nuclear test

Charles Anderson

Charles Anderson Photo: Supplied

This week’s North Korean missile was its farthest reaching test, capable of hitting Guam. Kiwi journalist Charles Anderson is in Seoul and says South Koreans have got used to the threats.

7:41 Marcus Vandergoes of GNS on $12m to test our lakes 

Lake Rotoiti, Nelson Lakes.

Lake Rotoiti, Nelson Lakes. Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Oren Rozen / Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 New Zealand licenseGeneric

A project to look at the health of 380 of our lakes has been given $12 million in government funding.  The study will be carried out by GNS Science and the Cawthron Institute.  Environmental change scientist Dr Marcus Vandergoes of GNS Science explains.

7:50 National Council of Women: Vanisa Dhiru

Vanisa Dhiru

The President of the National Council of Women Vanisa Dhiru Photo: Supplied

The National Council of Women marked its 100 year anniversary on the weekend with its annual national conference, held in Christchurch. The location is the home of Kate Sheppard, who founded the organisation and the theme was "A Gender Equal New Zealand". The president of the National Council of Women, Vanisa Dhiru, talks about the issues still facing women. 

8:10 Insight: Women's work and the gender wage gap

Kristine Bartlett at a pay equity protest outside the Court of Appeal

Kristine Bartlett at a pay equity protest outside the Court of Appeal Photo: NZCTU

Recent figures indicate the gender wage gap has narrowed, but does that mean employers are valuing women more? Women are more likely to be professionals, community and personal service workers, or in administration roles, while men are more likely to be managers, trades workers, machinery operators or labourers. The settlement that gave 55,000 care and support workers pay increases may be the springboard to address the persistent gender wage gap. Megan Whelan asks, what is women's work in 2017 - and is it paid fairly?

8:40 Ecologist Mike Joy: the voice of water

Fresh water ecologist Mike Joy

Fresh water ecologist Mike Joy Photo: RNZ / Conan Young

With a growing number of lakes and rivers unsafe for swimming eco-warrior Dr Mike Joy is determined to get people to think about cleaning up our waterways. The Massey University freshwater ecologist has spent many years trying to raise public awareness of the state of our water environments. Now the senior lecturer in Ecology and Environmental Science has become the first recipient of an award recognising the role of "critic and conscience" in society.

9:06 Mediawatch: Immersive journalism 

Broadcasting at the back of policy parade; local politics out of focus; are you ready to be immersed in the news?Produced and presented by Colin Peacock.

9:40 Simon Sinek: Why you should 'Find Your Why' at work

Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek Photo: Supplied

Simon Sinek is an optimist and a motivational speaker who believes in a brighter future for humanity. He took on the subject of millennials in the workplace and his Ted Talk about that, as they say, 'broke' the internet.

His "Great Leaders Inspire Action" Ted Talk is the third most-watched of all time.

And rather than think of millennials as a burden in the workplace, he says workplace leaders need to work out how to keep that generation engaged. Simon Sinek has also written three best-selling books and his latest - Find Your Why - offers practical ways for work leaders to find purpose for themselves and their teams.

10:05 Bic Runga celebrates 20 years of Drive

Bic Runga has been female vocalist of the year four times, released five studio albums, two live albums and two compilation albums. Classic songs such as Drive, Sway and Suddenly Strange are some of New Zealand's most memorable tracks. In 2006 she was honoured with a NZ Order of Merit for her services to music and in 2016 she received the Legacy Award at the Vodafone NZ music awards, making her the youngest member of the NZ Music Hall of Fame. This year marks the 20th anniversary of her debut album Drive and will be marked by concerts in October and November, along with special guests.

10:40 Glenn Hughes: The 'danger' of Deep Purple

Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple.

Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple. Photo: Supplied

Singer and bass guitarist Glenn Hughes is best known for his time with Deep Purple. He played on three albums - 1974's Burn, Stormbringer in the same year and Come Taste the Band in 1975. In 1975 he was part of the Deep Purple lineup that played Western Springs in Auckland with Tommy Bolin, Jon Lord, who died five years ago, Ian Paice and David Coverdale. Glenn Hughes is performing Deep Purple here again in three concerts called "Glenn Hughes performs Classic Deep Purple Live". The first is in Christchurch on September 26, then Wellington the 27th and Auckland on October 3.

11:05 Cultural comedy: It's Frickin Dangerous Bro

Frickin Dangerous Bro. From left Jamaine Ross, James Roque and Pax Assadi

Frickin Dangerous Bro. From left Jamaine Ross, James Roque and Pax Assadi Photo: RNZ

Frickin Dangerous Bro are comedians Jamaine Ross, James Roque and Pax Assadi and they're about to embark on their "world tour" of Tāmaki Makaurau with their stand-up comedy. People may  know them from their sketch comedy series on Maori TV called Only in Aotearoa and they're also regular faces on the likes of 7 Days, Jono and Ben, and at the International Comedy Festival. As Maori, Filipino and Pakistani/Iranian, Frickin Dangerous Bro riff on cultural differences and have gained a big following.

11:35 Curb Your Enthusiasm's Susie Essman: sweary AF

Susie Essman, who plays Susie Greene in Curb Your Enthusiasm

Susie Essman, who plays Susie Greene in Curb Your Enthusiasm Photo: RNZ

Susie Essman is a comedian and writer who got her comedy career break when she got the call to play loud, ball-busting, expletive-driven character Susie Greene on the hit American comedy show Curb your Enthusiasm, alongside comic genius Larry David. It's a character that's become so successful she even has people in the street ask her to abuse them. Wallace caught up with her when she was in NZ recently ahead of season 9 of the show, which begins on Soho on October 5. 
F bomb alert: Both the interview and the trailer here have a number of F bombs.