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7.12 Christ Church Cathedral to be restored

The Christ Church Cathedral has been abandoned for almost six years.

The Christ Church Cathedral has been abandoned for almost six years. Photo:

On Saturday the governing body for Canterbury Anglicans voted to restore the Christ Church cathedral after around six years of debate. Former Christchurch Mayor Garry Moore has been a long-time advocate for restoration. 

7:18 World Suicide Prevention Day

Jane Stevens.

Jane Stevens. Photo: Supplied

Hundreds of pairs of shoes, each pair representing a New Zealander lost to suicide in the past year, will arrive at Parliament this morning.  Jane Stevens lost her 21-year-old son Nicky after he was let out on an unsupervised cigarette break at a mental health facility in Waikato in March 2015. Jane has been on the road in the North Island with the YesWeCare campaign and her final stop will be Parliament this morning.

7.25 Kiwi Anna Wilding in Florida

Anna Wilding in Florida on Saturday afternoon before Irma had made land.

Anna Wilding in Florida on Saturday afternoon before Irma had made land. Photo: Supplied

Deadly hurricane Irma has taken lives everywhere it's hit - right through the Caribbean, onto Cuba and now it's barrelling towards Florida.  It's a category three hurricane that's expected to cause storm surges for parts of Florida of up 5 metres high that would see catastrophic flooding in the area if it eventuates.  Anna Wilding is a Kiwi who has barricaded up in her home in Florida ahead of Irma's arrival. 

7:32 Guam: the tip of the spear in US military might

Lisa Linda Natividad

Lisa Linda Natividad Photo: supplied

Asia-Pacific islands hosting US military bases have become a clear target in the high-stakes game of nuclear chicken unfolding between North Korea and the United States. One of those at risk, along with Okinawa, is the island of Guam, home to 160,000 people. In August North Korea announced plans to fire four ballistic missiles near the US territory following US President Donald Trump's threat to unleash "fire and fury like the world has never seen" against North Korea. Lisa Linda Natividad is a professor of nursing at the University of Guam, member of the Guam Commission for Decolonisation, and a long-time campaigner for peace and she explains what it's like.

7:42 Counting the stories: Toni Bruce and the sports media

Professor Toni Bruce

Professor Toni Bruce Photo: Supplied

Toni Bruce has been researching the mainstream media for more than 25 years and observing how it represents sport. A former sports journalist, she's now an academic - a professor at the University of Auckland's Faculty of Education and Social Work. Among her research topics are gender, disability, race and nationalism and on September 12 she'll be giving a lecture in Auckland that explains the kinds of stories the media tells about sport.

8:10 Insight: NZ's Mental Health at Breaking Point?

More people than ever are turning to mental health services. But with hospitals and services struggling to attract and keep staff willing to take on the tough work, can the system cope? Catherine Hutton talks to those who work in and use the country's mental health system.


8:38 Hostage negotiator Max Vernon

Max Vernon (wheelchair) talks to actor Mark Strong on the set of 6 Days.

Max Vernon (wheelchair) talks to actor Mark Strong on the set of 6 Days. Photo: Supplied

SAS move in on the Iranian Embassy in London, 1980 in the film 6 Days.

SAS move in on the Iranian Embassy in London, 1980 in the film 6 Days. Photo: Supplied

Mark Strong plays Max Vernon in 6 Days.

Mark Strong plays Max Vernon in 6 Days. Photo: Supplied

The movie 6 Days retells the story of the events surrounding the 1980 seizure of the Iranian embassy in London by members of an obscure Arab separatist group. The dramatic siege saw one cool-headed sergeant using well thought-out tactics to try to free 26 hostages. Max Vernon (played by Mark Strong, in afilm directed by Toa Fraser) kept the Iranian terrorists talking for six long, tense days, while the plan was devised to free the hostages. He explains how it unfolded and the impact it had on him. 

9:06 Mediawatch

This week: This week the election campaign including coverage of controversial claims of a huge hole in Labour's budget - and how some political pundits have skin in the election campaign game. Produced and presented by Colin Peacock.

9:37 Phil Parker: alternative osteopath

Phil Parker

Phil Parker Photo: RNZ

Author and osteopath Phil Parker isn't your regular osteopath. He rates the power of the mind to control people's pain and has developed a process he calls The Lightning Process that he teaches in seminars and training programmes. While those are programmes people must pay to attend, he's also in New Zealand to speak at the Osteopaths NZ Conference.

10:06 Marion Leighton: Putting bicycles at the top of the cliff   

Marion Leighton

Marion Leighton Photo: Victoria Vincent

Marion Leighton says for too long we’ve been putting the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff and the time has come to put cycling and walking at the top of our transport agenda. Dr Leighton is the spokesperson for a newly formed Doctors for Active and Safe Transport an advocacy group made up of Wellington hospital doctors. The group wants to see an increase in the number of those commuting by foot and pedal and a decrease in cycling injuries.

10:15 Catching up with The Clean

The Clean, who formed in 1978, have been described as one of the most influential bands to come from the Flying Nun label. On Sunday it was announced the indie Dunedin band will be inducted into the NZ Music Hall of Fame at the APRA Silver Scroll Awards at Dunedin Town Hall on 28 September. The New Zealand Music Hall of Fame pays tribute to songwriters, musicians and acts that have made a significant impact on life and culture through their music.Wallace chats with  two of the band members, David Kilgour and Robert Scott. 
Read Music 101's story here. 
Radio New Zealand will broadcast and live video stream the APRA Silver Scroll Awards ceremony on RNZ National, Freeview Ch 50 and online at

10:40 Genevieve Blanchett: dressing up for Katya Kabanova

Leos Janácek's opera Katya Kabanova is the story of a woman caught in a loveless marriage, dominated by an overbearing mother-in-law, who falls in love with another man, but ultimately doesn't find happiness. The opera debuted 96 years ago in the Czech Republic and is being put on by NZ Opera - reimagined and set in the 1950s.
Katya Kabanova is on in Auckland with four shows from September 16 and four in Wellington from October 7.
The 1950s set and costumes are the handiwork of Australian designer Genevieve Blanchett, sister of Hollywood actress Cate.

11:05 Dame Judith Potter: Life and Influences

Dame Judith Potter became the first woman president of a District Law Society - Auckland - in 1988 and the first woman President of the New Zealand Law Society in 1991.
She was appointed to the High Court bench in 1997 and served the judiciary for 15 years. In 2013 was made a Dame Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to the judiciary. In her time as a High Court Judge she presided over many high-profile court cases including the murder trial of Clayton Weatherston who killed Dunedin woman Sophie Elliott; the murder of toddler Nia Glassie in Rotorua; the trial of Antonie Dixon who shot a man dead and attacked two women with a samurai sword; and the RSA murders by William Bell, to name a few. Dame Judith retired from the High Court in 2012 and talks to Wallace in the latest in our occasional series: Influential Kiwis talk about their Influences.

Read about the Oral Histories of our Pioneering Women Judges Project handed to the Alexander Turnbull Library on August 31. 
Women legal pioneers


Artist: Steely Dan
Song: Hey 19
Composer: Walter Becker, Donald Fagen
Album: Gaucho
Label: MCA
Played at: 9.38am

Artist: The Clean
Song: Tally Ho
Composer: Hamish Kilgour, David Kilgour, Robert Scott
Label: Flying Nun
Played at: 10.16

Artist: Bobby Darin
Song: Mack the Knife
Composer: Kurt Weill/Bertolt Brecht
Album: That’s All
Label: Atco
Played at: 11:17

Artist: Elizabeth Harwood/Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Song: Musetta’s Waltz Song from La Boheme
Composer: Puccini
Played at: 11:38

Artist: Inia Te Wiata
Song: Bess You Is my Woman Now
Composer: George Gershwin
Played at: 11:50am