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7:08 Dr Darren Powell and George Parker - The Obesity Fight


Measuring tape and leaflet on obesity.

Photo: 123RF


Initiatives to target obesity are not working because we are fat shaming people and not addressing the causes. Two social science researchers at Auckland university, Dr Darren Powell and George Parker, have looked the strategies designed to tackle obesity and say they are not working and could be causing more harm than good.

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7:32 The Week in Parliament

7:47 Ramona Tiatia - A youthful vision of Porirua

Dr Ramona Tiatia

Dr Ramona Tiatia Photo: supplied

The median age in Porirua is 32.6 - the youngest of any New Zealand city - and 26 percent of the population is under 15. The Otago School of Medicine has created an app to help find out how the young people and their whanau would like to see Porirua better cater for its youthful population. Ramona Tiatia is a public health researcher at the Department of Public Health University of Otago, Wellington.




8:12 Insight: Europe and NZ 100 Years after the Battle of the Somme

The Caterpillar Valley Cemetery near Longueval.

The Caterpillar Valley Cemetery near Longueval, where fallen NZ soldiers lie. Photo: RNZ / Andrew McRae

New Zealanders sacrificed so much in two world wars, and 12,000 died in or because of the fighting on the Western Front in the First World War. RNZ Veterans' Affairs Reporter Andrew McRae visited Northern France for the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. In this Insight he looks at the links between New Zealand and Europe then and now. How does Europe view this country, and does it owe New Zealand for the sacrifices made?

8:40 The New Torchlight List - Jim Flynn's Search for the Best Modern Authors

Episode 7 - New Zealand and Australia

Eleanor Catton.

Eleanor Catton. Photo: ROBERT CATTO

For the book, The New Torchlight List - In Search of the Best Modern Authors, Otago University Emeritus Professor of Politics Jim Flynn read and rated 400 books, mostly by modern novelists. In this episode of the RNZ podcast series based on his book, Wallace takes on Jim over Eleanor Catton's The Luminaries - too long, says Jim. Not so, says Wallace. Jim says Catton can write but she needs to get her talent under control - "too much good material". He says Janet Frame also could write "but a lot of it is spoiled by schoolgirl emotive prose". Among Australian writers Jim rates Thomas Keneally with Schindler's Ark, Peter Carey, and Hannah Kent - a writer with an impressive first novel, Burial Rites, that has won nine literary awards. "Watch for Kent's next novel."

9:06 Mediawatch

Some journalists pulled out all the stops this week to find a local angle to a gripping international story while others declared a truly important local story less than gripping; the 250th anniversary of the world's first freedom of information law; and the minister who prefers KFC perfume to answering hard questions.
Produced and presented by Jeremy Rose and Colin Peacock

Jean Batten on October 16th 1936

Jean Batten on October 16th 1936 Photo: Alexander Turnbull Library

9:40 Julie Bubb - 80th Anniversary of Jean Batten's record flight

October 16, 1936, was the day New Zealand aviatrix Jean Batten made history by becoming the first person to fly solo from England to New Zealand. Her flight took 11 days and 45 minutes. Her feat paved the way for women in aviation for many years to come. A number of New Zealand female pilots who have followed in her footsteps have also been pioneers in the industry. The president of the New Zealand Association of Women in Aviation speaks to Wallace about the legacy of Jean Batten's flight 80 years ago.



10:06 Abortion and Civil Liberties - The Thames Stand-off

Selene Mize

Selene Mize Photo: Supplied

There's a stand-off between pro-life and pro-choice protestors in the Coromandel town of Thames. For many years, Voice for Life has protested outside Thames Hospital on Friday mornings - the time when the hospital performs abortions. Lately, these protestors have been themselves protested against by the group Stop Abortion Harassment Thames. And, in the most recent move in the dispute, Stop Abortion Harassment Thames has launched an online petition asking Thames-Coromandel District Council, the Waikato District Health Board and the police to take action "to stop this harassment of women by Voice for Life and create a safe environment for all women accessing important healthcare services in Thames". Exploring the issues of abortion and civil liberties, Wallace speaks to Terry Bellamak, National president for ALRANZ Abortion Rights Aotearoa, Lyn Hopkins from Voice for Life, Thames, and Dr Selene Mize of Otago University Faculty of Law.


11:05 Penelope Jackson - Art Crime in Aotearoa

Penelope Jackson

Penelope Jackson Photo: Supplied

Penelope Jackson is an art historian with a special interest in New Zealand art crime. She is the former Director of Tauranga Art Gallery and a trustee of The New Zealand Art Crime Research Trust. She talks about her new book, Art Thieves, Fakers and Fraudsters: The New Zealand story.

The Tissot painting, 'Still on Top', damaged after it was stolen and before being painstakingly restored

The Tissot painting, 'Still on Top', damaged after it was stolen and before being painstakingly restored Photo: Supplied

The Tissot painting 'Still on Top' stolen from the Auckland Art Gallery in 1998, later found and returned.

The Tissot painting 'Still on Top' stolen from the Auckland Art Gallery in 1998, later found and returned. Photo: Supplied


11:40 Fiona Hatton and Paula Neutze - Sweet Louise Foundation 10 year anniversary

Louise Perkins, the inspiration for Sweet Louise

Louise Perkins, the inspiration for Sweet Louise Photo: supplied

Sweet Louise group supporters

Sweet Louise group supporters Photo: supplied

The Sweet Louise Foundation was set up by Scott Perkins to help those who have incurable breast cancer after his wife, Louise, died from advanced breast cancer. The organisation is designed to help people continue to live their lives to the full while knowing their diagnosis is terminal. The organisation supports these patients through the rollercoaster rides of medical treatments and the challenges incurable cancer brings with it. Fiona Hatton is the CEO of the foundation. She and Paula Neutze, who has incurable secondary breast cancer, speak to Wallace about Sweet Louise's 10th anniversary and the work it has done during the decade it's been up and running.

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