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7:08 Professor Ian Reid - The fracture tsunami

Treating osteoporosis with vitamin D and calcium could do more harm than good new research says.

Treating osteoporosis with vitamin D and calcium could do more harm than good new research says. Photo: 123RF

Auckland University's Professor Ian Reid was one of those behind ground-breaking studies that revealed vitamin supplements are largely ineffective when it comes to restoring bone density. Now he's warning of an upcoming "fracture tsunami" as New Zealand's population ages.

7:30 News headlines

7:32 The Week in Parliament

7:47 Denise Roche and David Seymour - Plastic bag levy

David Seymour fronting up.

Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

Denise Roche.

Denise Roche. Photo: RNZ

Green MP Denise Roche has drafted a bill to introduce a levy on single use plastic bags in a bid to reduce the number of bags which are discarded each year. It's part of her war on waste. But ACT Party leader David Seymour says her bill, though well intended, is actually going to cause more harm than good.

8:12 Insight: Wildlife/human conflict in India

Elephant road sign in India

Elephant road sign in India. Photo: ( RNZ / Lynn Freeman )

India's booming population and tourism industry, and the ongoing drought, are escalating contact and conflict between people and wildlife. Every year hundreds of people and many more farm animals are killed or injured by tigers, elephants, sloth bears and wild boars in particular, and crops destroyed. But unlike other wildlife-rich areas, such as Africa, religious beliefs mean wild animals in India aren't hunted for food. Non-governmental oganisations and the government are trying to find ways to keep villagers and their animals out of wildlife reserves, and to discourage wildlife from attacking villages.

8:40 The New Torchlight List - Jim Flynn's Search for the Best Modern Authors

Episode 8 - Africa

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Photo: / The Aspen Institute

For the book, The New Torchlight List - In Search of the Best Modern Authors, Otago University Emeritus Professor of Politics Jim Flynn read and rated 400 books, mostly by modern novelists. In this episode of the RNZ podcast series based on his book, Jim agrees with Wallace's love for Disgrace, by South African writer J.M. Coetzee - though Jim says Coetzee's "not brilliant". He describes the Cairo trilogy by Egyptian Nobel Prize winner Naguib Mahfouz as "a landmark work". Jim recommends Somalian writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali "for an unparalleled insight into what Islam means for those who interpret the Koran literally". She was subjected to female circumcision at the age of five and over the years turned away from Islam. Jim tells Wallace about the value of entering another culture in a novel: "You only know what human nature is capable of if you read what's happened to it in a variety of societies."

9:06 Mediawatch

A long-standing local paper is reaching out to readers and advertisers to secure its future. Does this mean the days of small daily papers are numbered? Also: The BBC's face of business news, and how a gang's promise to push P out of town hit headlines despite a lack of facts.
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

9:40 Sharon Murdoch - Murdoch, Munro and media

Sharon Murdoch and Munro

Sharon Murdoch and Munro Photo: Supplied

At first, political cartoonist Sharon Murdoch used only her surname to sign her work because she didn't want her audience to know a woman was behind it. These days her cartoons feature in the Sunday Star-Times and The Press and she's the 2016 media awards Cartoonist of the Year. She's also known for 'Munro', a series about a ginger cat, that runs in the Fairfax daily papers. This week saw the release of Murdoch - a book of Sharon's work alongside a commentary by art historian Melinda Johnston.

Ever Upward, by Sharon Murdoch, published in Sunday Star Times, 2015

Ever Upward, by Sharon Murdoch, published in Sunday Star Times, 2015 Photo: Supplied

10:06 Lucy Desoto - Australia rocks!

Lucy Desoto, a self-described rock chick, has put together a colourful and detailed book on the history of Australian rock music - Australia Rocks! She goes back to the origins of rock in music halls of the 1950s through to the massive beer hall extravaganzas of recent times.

10:40 Andrew Fagan - Mockers reuniting

The Mockers

The Mockers Photo: Supplied

Kiwi group The Mockers are set to reunite for a 30 year anniversary tour next year. Frontman Andrew Fagan joins Wallace to talk about the band's success in the '80s and what we can expect next year - three decades on from its heyday.

11:06 Moana Jackson - A new constitution for Aotearoa

Moana Jackson

Moana Jackson Photo: Wikipedia

On Waitangi Day this year Matiki Mai Aotearoa - the independent working group on constitutional transformation - launched its report: He Whakaaro Here Whakaumu Mo Aotearoa. It is the culmination of years of work and more than 250 hui involving literally thousands of people. Its recommendations are far reaching and radical. Moana Jackson is the report's convenor.

11:40 Kingi Snelgar - Standing tall at Standing Rock

Kingi Snelgar at Standing Rock

Kingi Snelgar at Standing Rock Photo: Jessa Lewis

Kingi Snelgar is a world champion bison chip (that's poo to you and me) thrower. He's also a lawyer and Harvard University graduate. He's just back from Standing Rock, North Dakota, in the US where Native Americans have gathered in their thousands to try and stop an oil pipeline being built.

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