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7:08 Tess Casey and Jo Goodhew - Community services under pressure

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A survey of community providers of social services has found the organisations are under increasing pressure. The NGOs say they are struggling with increasing demand for their service, greater compliance obligations and decreasing government funding. Tess Casey is a spokesperson for ComVoices, an advocacy group for the community sector. Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector Jo Goodhew responds to issues raised in the report.

7:30 News headlines

7:32 The Week in Parliament

7:47 Claire Fryer - Get off that elephant!

Elephant ride

Elephant ride in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand Photo: supplied

If you're on Facebook chances are you've seen a friend share a picture of themselves riding high on an elephant in Thailand or patting a tiger in India? Well that could soon be a thing of the past. TripAdviser - the world's leading travel website - has announced it'll no longer sell tickets to attractions where tourists come into contact with wild animals. The move follows months of lobbying by PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Claire Fryer, PETA Australia¹s campaign coordinator, puts the case for ending physical interaction with wild animals.

8:12 Insight: The Oldest Profession

Jenna at the Wellington Prostitutes Collective

Jenna at the Wellington Prostitutes Collective Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons- King

NZ decriminalised the sex industry more than a decade ago. Many other nations have looked at our legislation, the so-called New Zealand Model, but haven't adopted it. Why? Has a greater focus on gender politics changed the landscape? Or does the model only work here in a small, relatively isolated, country? Philippa Tolley and Rebekah Parsons-King have been to our main centres to find out more about what is going on.

8:40 The New Torchlight List - Jim Flynn's Search for the Best Modern Authors

Episode 9 - Asia and the Middle East

Orhan Pamuk

Orhan Pamuk Photo: Supplied

For the book, The New Torchlight List - In Search of the Best Modern Authors, Otago University Emeritus Professor of Politics Jim Flynn read and rated 400 books, mostly by modern novelists. This episode of the RNZ podcast series based on his book takes in a big geographical area and a variety of cultures. In this episode, Jim discusses the work of writers in Japan, India, Turkey Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia. He recommends Snow, by Turkish Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk "which lays bare the murderous intensity behind Turkey's divisions, but also it's a great read". Robert Lacey's Inside the Kingdom opened his eyes to the culture of Saudi Arabia and Rohinton Mistry's A Fine Balance reveals the caste system "in all its brutality".

9:06 Mediawatch

Political parties look set to get more of our money for election ads in 2017 which will come at us from more of our media. Is this a good idea? Also: controversial comments from Mike Hosking are cleared by the watchdog, but still condemned - and the return of the Huk.
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9:41 Lorna Piatti-Farnell - Halloween traditions

Lorna Piatti-Farnell

Lorna Piatti-Farnell Photo: Supplied

Associate Professor Lorna Piatti-Farnell is director of the Popular Culture Research Centre at AUT. She explains the traditions around Halloween and why it's becoming more and more popular here in New Zealand.



10:06 Vincent O'Malley - The Great War for New Zealand

Vincent O'Malley

Vincent O'Malley Photo: Supplied

Vincent O'Malley has dug deep into the history of Aotearoa for his book, The Great War For New Zealand: Waikato 1800-2000 - which he says is the single most brutal and influential conflict this country has seen. He traces the war in the Waikato in 1863-64 - looking at its origins and aftermath, how it set back Maori and Pakeha relations for generations, saw the Treaty of Waitangi ignored for a century, and Maori marginalised in the process.

10:32 Gretchen Henderson - On ugliness

Gretchen Henderson

Gretchen Henderson Photo: Supplied

What makes someone, or something, ugly? How has the perception of ugliness changed through the centuries? Gretchen Henderson has written a cultural history of ugliness and she joins Wallace to talk about how the definitions have changed, and more troubling, how, in many cases, they haven't.

11:10 Ian Astbury - The Cult

Ian Astbury

Ian Astbury Photo: Supplied

Any child of the '80s will remember The Cult. Wallace talks to the frontman of the rock-goth band about their success and the inspiration behind their new album.

11:31  Jan McLaren and Dreydon Sobanja - Bruce McLaren

Dreydon Sobanja shares the Bruce McLaren story

Dreydon Sobanja shares the Bruce McLaren story Photo: Supplied

Kiwi Bruce McLaren took the world of motor racing by storm and aged just 22 he won the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Dreydon Sobanja is the author of Bruce Wants To Go Faster - the story of Bruce McLaren's life, written for young readers. Jan McLaren is Bruce's younger sister, a trustee of the Bruce McLaren Trust, and is working with Roger Donaldson - whose film about her brother will be released early next year.

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