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Claire Robinson and Deborah Willis12:43 Big changes at the New Zealand School of Music

Co-operators in the New Zealand School of Music, Victoria and Massey Universities will be going their separate ways. It may make financial sense, but what will it mean for music students? Massey University College of Creative Arts Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Claire Robinson and Victoria University's Pro Vice-Chancellor for Humanities, Social Sciences and Education Deborah Willis explain how it’s going to work.

Photo: Claire Robinson and Deborah Willis

12:45 Whole House Reuse Project

How a demolished red zoned house in Christchurch is getting a whole new life – as many art works, in the Rekindle group’s Whole House Reuse Project. We hear how it’s all going to work from director Juliet Arnott and home owner Luke Buxton.

12:55 Competition - Kiri's duets

Last week we asked you to imagine Dame Kiri te Kanawa is recording an album of duets with NZ singers - which singers would she duet with and what songs would they sing? We announce the winning entries, and reveal the next challenge.

1:10 At the Movies with Simon Morris

1:33 Best in Show 2014

Best in Show 2014 picks the most creative work from the country’s art and design institutions to show at Objectspace in Auckland. Three of the selected graduates explain their work, including 3D printed shoes (Sophie Fenton), bacteria-patterned wallpaper (Emma Creighton) and internet-coded woollen rugs (Leah Surynt). 

1:45 Sheyne Tuffery

An insight into what it takes to turn an odd-shaped historic and graffiti-covered inner city into a work of art – artist Sheyne Tuffery takes on his biggest canvas yet.

Sheyne Tuffery and his mural

2:05 The Laugh Track - Mark Mitchinson

Actor Mark Mitchinson tends to get typecast as bad guys, but today we explore his comedic side.

Melody Moore (Stumble Bum Productions)2:30 Melody Moore

Irish poet, musician and cunning patriot Thomas Moore is reimagined by expat Kiwi performer Richard Hanna. He’s brought Melody Moore to his hometown of Dunedin for the city’s Fringe Festival.

2:40 Writer Alice Miller

Alice Miller by Dylan WhitingExpat-poet, essayist, fiction writer and editor Alice Miller returns home temporarily from Vienna to take up three writer’s residencies in New Zealand and to launch her first poetry collection, The Limits (AUP).

Photo: Alice Miller by Dylan Whiting


2:50 Redefining urban art - Misha Uteev

Misha Uteev by Howard SlyMisha Uteev came to New Zealand five years ago, and it’s here that he began to consolidate his signature style which consists largely of portraits.  He’s a graffiti artist who also works in other mediums such as photography, installation and painting and for him, walls in a cityscape provide him with another canvas with which to explore his ideas. He’s not interested in sending messages through his work, but simply sharing a visual aesthetic to enhance, rather than detract from the urban environment. What’s more, he’s also an architecture graduate and believes that street art and graffiti should be taken into consideration by designers, when it comes to building cities.

Photo: Misha Uteev a.k.a.Wert 159 in front of his artwork in Samoa House Lane, commissioned by the Alfresco Festival. Photo: Howard Sly

3:05 The Drama Hour

The Drama Hour continues the story of The Reluctant Spy; and a quirky comedy about our favourite government department – Everybody Winz.