Daisy Goodwin's obsession with Queen Victoria, Peter Black photographs the shops, Keggie Carew's amazing story about her dad, Larry Page yarns about the 60's music scene, Douglas Lloyd Jenkins on life at the beach, and Emily Writes on sleep deprivation and other joys of parenting.



8:12 Daisy Goodwin

Daisy Goodwin

Daisy Goodwin Photo: Supplied

Daisy Goodwin is a historian, journalist, editor and novelist, and has a long career in British television, devising shows including Bookworm, The Nation's Favourite Poems, Home Front and Grand Designs. She wrote the drama series, Victoria, and the novel of the same name (Headline, ISBN 9780755396108), about the early life of a small, emotionally deprived teenager who woke up one morning to find herself Queen of England, the most powerful woman in the world.




8:40 Peter Black

Peter Black

Peter Black Photo: Mary Macpherson

Peter Black has been photographing the social landscape of New Zealand since 1975, and his work has been widely exhibited and published, most notably in a major survey show at City Gallery, Wellington, in 2003. His new book, with accompanying essay by Steve Braunias, is The Shops (Luncheon Sausage Books, ISBN 978 0 908689 941).

Peter Black's exhibition of The Shops runs during November, alongside Mary Macpherson's show Medical Daydreams, at Photospace Gallery, Wellington.




9:05 Keggie Carew

Keggie Carew

Keggie Carew Photo: Lily McMillan

Keggie Carew, discovers the past of her unorthodox father as his memory begins to fail. She tells the story of the loving and sometimes difficult relationship she had with her Dad, Tom Carew, who was a war hero in an elite British military unit, "a great father - and terrible husband", in Dadland: a Journey Into Uncharted Territory (Chatto & Windus, ISBN 9781784740771).


9.45 Michael Wilkinson

Baroness Scotland, the Commonwealth Secretary-General, is in trouble for using Commonwealth money to pay for an expensive do-up of her Mayfair home. English tabloids are labelling her a spendaholic, her relationship with British PM Theresa May is strained and India is threatening to withhold funding from the Commonwealth purse.  Michael Wilkinson is political correspondent at The Telegraph.


10:05 Larry Page

After a brief career as a pop singer in the late 1950s and early 1960s, Larry Page became a successful music manager, record producer, and record label owner, working with The Kinks, Daniel Boone, and most successfully The Troggs, for whom he produced a string of hits, including their iconic single, 'Wild Thing'.



11:05 Douglas Lloyd Jenkins

Douglas Lloyd Jenkins

Douglas Lloyd Jenkins Photo: Supplied

Douglas Lloyd Jenkins is a New Zealand commentator on architecture and design who has written a number of books, and hosted the popular television series The Big Arts Trip (2001-2) and New Zealand at Home (2006). He grew up in the Auckland suburb of Beach Haven, and his new book is Beach Life: a Celebration of Kiwi Beach Culture (Godwit, ISBN 9780143770022).



11:40 Emily Writes

Emily Writes

Emily Writes Photo: Supplied

Emily Writes describes herself as a sleep-deprived mother - writing for other sleep-deprived mothers. She was blasted into the public sphere when her first sleep-deprived blog post 'I am Grateful, Now F*** Off' went viral. Since then she's been loved and vilified for her review of the Tarzan movie, has become the editor of the parenting section of The Spinoff, and has a book deal. Next weekend she is speaking at LitCrawl Wellington, in a session called 'Tots', with fellow writer-parents Toby Morris (Pencilsword, The Wireless) and Brannavan Gnanalingam (author of A Briefcase, Two Pies and a Penthouse).

LitCrawl session at Arty Bees 2015

LitCrawl session at Arty Bees 2015 Photo: Jay Anderson


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