Music played in this show

Ross From Friends - Family Portrait

Seth Haapu - Ngaru Hōu

Interview: Ha! The Unclear

Phantastic Ferniture - Dark Corner Dance Floor

The Sampler - The Beths

Teacups Lily's Eyes

Moses Sumney - Rank and File

Ria Hall - Te Kawa O Te Riri


David Bowie - Big Brother/Chant of the ever circling skeletal family

Interview: Spark Arena Photographer Garry Brandon

Neil and Liam Finn - Hold Her Close

Interview: Princess Chelsea

Princess Chelsea - Wasting Time

The Sampler - Chelsea Jade

Robyn - Missing You


Dudley Benson Rutu

Geoff Ong in session: Fingerprints, The Last song I’ll ever write about you

SWIDT - No Emotions in the Wild

E^ST - I Don’t Lack Imagination

Tuung - Dark Heart

Interview: All Seeing Hand

Introducing: Antipodes