Kendrick Lamar lazering an annoying person's cellphone with his eyes.

Kendrick Lamar lazering an annoying person's cellphone with his eyes. Photo: RNZ / Wikimedia Commons

1 - 2 pm

Tash Sultana joins us for a frank discussion on gender, feminism and (of course) music.

Cellphones at gigs - maybe it’s time for some ground rules?

 Introducing: Sollem Den

2-3 pm

Nick Bollinger’s take on the Sudanese-inspired album Haja by The Adults

This Sporting Life - early 80s indie Auckland band celebrate a re-issue.

Incredible vocalist (and sole parent) Sianne Doherty performs live.

3-4 pm

Terrible Sons - Members of The Dukes and L.A. Mitchell on getting married, having kids, and living a very different life to that of their 20s.

4-5 pm

The Mixtape: Karen O’Leary

A cop in the new Taika and Jermaine TV series Wellington Paranormal by night, Karen O'Leary is a preschool educator by day, winning the hearts of kids of all ages. She chooses some favorite tunes, and shares some of her own compositions.

Music played in this show


Tash Sultana - Journey

Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana - Salvation
Mojo Juju - Native Tongue
The Internet - Come Together
Lawrence Arabia - Cecily
Cosha - Do you wanna Dance
Christine And the Queens - Doesn’t Matter 

Introducing Sollem Den
Sollem Den - Subtine Frequencies 


The Sampler: The Adults - Haja
The Adults - Gisma
The Adults - Haja
The Adults - Bloodlines
The Adults - Boomtown
The Adults - Like The Moon
The Adults - That Gold

Maggie Rogers - Give a Little 

This Sporting Life 

The Beths - Happy Unhappy
Jonathan Bree - Sleepwalking

Sianne live @ RNZ
Sianne - Azelia
Sianne - Reach Out


Blood Orange - Charcoal Baby  

The Sampler: Angelique Kidjo - Remain in Light 
Angelique Kidjo - Born Under Punches
Angelique Kidjo - Once In A Lifetime
Angelique Kidjo - Listening Wind
Angelique Kidjo - The Overload
Angelique Kidjo - Houses in Motion
Angelique Kidjo - Crosseyed and Painless

L.A. Mitchell - Apple Heart 

Terrible Sons - Tears Don’t Fall

Terrible Sons 

Kimbra - Top of the World ft Snoop Dogg

Catpower - Wanderer 

Luluc - Moon Girl

Rodriguez - I Wonder

Karen O'Leary - Poo in the Wharepaku

Maribou State - Feel Good (feat. Khruangbin) 


The Mixtape: Karen O'Leary