19082016 Photo: Rebekah Parsons-King. Steve Abel.

Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

Music played in this show


Artist: Dimmer 
Song: Drift 
Composer: Carter
Album: I Believe You Are A Star
Label: FMR

Shayne P Carter live at the James Cook

Artist: Shayne P Carter
Song: The Waiting Game, Mat 
Composer: Carter
Album: RNZ Music Recording
Label: RNZ Music Recording

Artist: Frank Ocean
Song: Thinkin About You
Composer: C. Breaux
Album: Channel Orange
Label: Def Jam

Artist: Mara TK, Mark Vanilau, Troy Kingi, Rob Ruha
Song: Aku Moutere
Composer: M. TK, M. Vanilau, T. Kingi, R. Ruha
Album: Aku Moutere single
Label: Mara TK

The Sampler: The Veils

Artist: The Veils
Songs: Axolotl,Low Lays The Devil, A Bit On The Side, House Of Spirits, King Of Chrome, Here Come The Dead, Total Deparvity
Comp: Andrews
Album: Total Depravity
Label: Nettwerk

Artist: Weaves
Song: Help! 
Composer: J. Lennon, P. McCartney
Album: Help! Single
Label: Weaves

Dave Weir - Food For Thought

Artist: Dave Weir
Song: Sweet Lily White, Food For Thought, She Of The Country Side
Composer: D. Weir
Album: Food For Thought
Label: Banished Music

Artist: Ross McHenry
Song: Opening/Disappear
Composer: R. McHenry
Album: Child Of Somebody
Label: Ross McHenry

Steve Abel in session

Artist: Steve Abel
Song: Best Thing, Dance
Composer: S. Abel
Album: RNZ Music Recording
Label: RNZ Music Recording

Artist: Lindi Ortega
Song: Tell It Like It Is
Composer: L. Ortega
Album: Faded Gloryvale
Label: Grand Tour Records

Artist: D. D. Dumbo
Song: Walrus
Composer: O. H. Perry
Album: Utopia Defeated
Label: 4AD

Artist: Miloux
Song: Pocket (Jono Das Stolen Cadillac remix)
Composer: Miloux, J. Das
Album: EP1 remixes
Label: LOOP

Artist: The Cramps
Song: Human Fly
Composer: L. Interior, I. Rerschach
Album: Gravest Hits 
Label: I.R.S.

Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds

Artist: The Gun Club
Song: Lupita Screams
Composer: Jeffrey Lee Pierce
Album: Mother Juno
Label: Red Rhino

Artist: The Cramps
Song: Psychotic Reaction
Composer: Kenn Ellner, Roy Chaney, Craig Atkinson, Sean Byrne, John Michalski Album: Smell of Female
Label: Big Beat, Enigma Records, New Rose Records

Artist: The Cramps
Song: Goo Goo Muck
Composer: Ronnie Cook
Album: Psychedelic Jungle
Label: Illegal

Artist: Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Song: Deanna
Composer: Nick Cave
Album: Tender Prey
Label: Mute

Artist: Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds
Song: LSDC
Composer: Kid Congo Powers
Album: Dracula Boots
Label: In The Red Records

Artist: Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds
Song: La Llarona
Composer: Kid Congo Powers
Album: Dracula Boots
Label: In The Red Records

Artist: Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds
Song: La Arana
Composer: Mark Cisneros / Ron Miller / Kid Congo Powers / Kiki Solis 
Album: La Arana Es La Vida
Label: In The Red Records

Artist: Eliza Soares
Song: A Mulher do Fim do Mundo
Composer: E. Soares
Album: A Mulher do Fim do Mundo
Label: Eliza Soares

The Sampler: Jesse Sheehan

Artist: Jesse Sheehan
Songs: Sentimental Fool, Stone Girl, Brother Of Jieyang, Rising Sun
Comp: Sheehan
Songs: Last Man Standing, Reverie In Chains, The Way It Was Before
Comp: Sheehan/Finn
Album: Drinking With The Birds
Label: Universal

 Artist: Marching Church
Song: Heart Of Life
Composer: E. Rønnenfelt
Album: Telling It like It IS
Label: Sacred Bones

Artist: Teeth and Tongue
Song: Dianne
Composer: J. Cornelius 
Album: Give Up On Your Health
Label: Dot Dash/Remote Control

Artist: Guns n' Roses
Song: Welcome To The Jungle
Composer: A. Rose, Slash, D. McKagan
Album: Appetite For Destruction
Label: Geffen

Artist: Screaming Females
Composer: Screaming Females
Album: Rose Mountain
Label: Don Giovanni Records

Artist: Unsanitary Napkin
Song: Choade Crystal
Composer: Unsanitary Napkin
Album: Unsanitary Napkin
Label: Unsanitary Napkin

Artist: Lisa Hannigan
Song: Fall
Composer: L. Hannigan
Album: At Swim
Label: ATO Records

Arist: Julianna Barwick
Song: Nebula
Composer: J. Barwick
Album: WILL
Label: Dead Oceans

Artist: Eb and Sparrow
Song: Loaded Gun
Composer: Eb and Sparrow
Album: Sun/Son
Label: Eb and Sparrow

Artist: Karftwerk
Song: Europe Endless
Composer: R. Hütter, F. Schneider
Album: Trans Europe Express
Label: Capitol Records

The Mixtape: Ebony Lamb


Artist: Karen Dalton
Song: Something On Your Mind
Composer: Dalton
Album: In My Own Time
Label: Light In The Attic

Artist: Jack Brymer and The Academy of St. Martin-In-The-Fields
Song: Concerto For Clarinet and Orchestra in A
Composer: Mozart
Album: Out of Africa OST
Label: MCA

Artist: The Pixies
Song: Debaser
Composer: Black Francis
Album: Doolittle
Label: 4AD

Artist: Nina Simone
Song: Ain't Got No I Got No Life
Composer: Arthur Terence Galt MacDermot, Gerome Ragni, James Rado
Album: 'Nuff Said
Label: RCA

Artist: 3Ds
Song: Beautiful Things
Composer: 3Ds
Album: The Venus Trail
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Portishead
Song: Glorybox
Composer: G. Barrow, B. Gibbons, A. Utley
Album: Dummy
Label: Polydor

Artist: Gillian Welch
Song: Revelator
Composer: Welch-Rawlings
Album: Time (The Revelator)
Label: Acony

Artist: Delaney Davidson
Song: I'm So Depressed
Composer: Davidson
Album: Bad Luck Man
Label: Voodoo Rhythm