Music played in this show


Artist: Yoko-Zuna
Song: This Place Here
Composer: Yoko-Zuna
Album: This Place Here
Label: Yoko-Zuna

Fly My Pretties - String Theory

Artist: Fly My Pretties
Song: Play Your Part
Composer: B.Wiley
Album: RNZ Music Recording
Label: RNZ Music Recording

Artist: Fly My Pretties
Song: This Life
Composer: T.Taane
Album: RNZ Music Recording
Label: RNZ Music Recording

Artist: Ariana Tikao
Song: Whakatuwheratia
Composer: A. Tikao
Album: Whakatuwheratia single
Label: Ariana Tikao

Interview: Arrested Development

Artist: Arrested Development
Song: Tennessee, Mr. Wendal
Composer: T.Thomas
Album: 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of...
Label: Chrysalis, EMI

Artist: Arrested Development
Song: Since the Last Time
Composer: T.Thomas
Album: Since the Last Time
Label: Vagabond Productions

Artist: Michael Kiwanuka
Song: Rule The World (I Came From The City) ft. Nasir Jones as Mr. Books
Composer: M. Kiwanuka
Album: The Get Down (Original Soundtrack From the Netflix Orginal Series)
Label: RCA Records

The Sampler: Melt Yourself Down

Artist: Melt Yourself Down
Songs: Dot To Dot, Yazzan Dayra, The God of You, Body Parts, Jump The Fire
Comp: Burton/Gaya/Wareham
Song: Bharat Mata
Comp: Burton/Gaya/Wareham/Singh/Skinner
Song: Listen Out
Comp: Gaya/Goller/Hutchings/Singh/Skinner/Wareham

Artist: Moon Hootch
Song: Broken Tooth
Composer: Moon Hootch
Album: Red Sky
Label: Hornblow


Artist: De La Soul
Song: Drawn ft. Little Dragon
Composer: De La Soul
Album: And The Anonymous Nobody
Label: A.O.I. LLC

Interview: The Avalanches

Artist: The Avalanches
Song: If I Was a Folkstar
Composer: R.Chater, T.Di Blasi, C.Bundick
Album: Wildflower
Label: Modular, EMI

Artist: The Avalanches
Song: The Wozard of Iz
Composer: R.Chater, T.Di Blasi, D.Brown, T.James, M.Vale
Album: Wildflower
Label: Modular, EMI

Artist: The Avalanches
Song: Harmony
Composer: R.Chater, T.Di Blasi
Album: Wildflower
Label: Modular, EMI

Artist: The Avalanches
Song: Colours
Composer: R.Chater, T.Di Blasi, J.Donahue
Album: Wildflower
Label: Modular, EMI

Artist: The Avalanches
Song: Stepkids
Composer: R.Chater, T.Di Blasi, J.Herrema, K.Midness, L.Barlow
Album: Wildflower
Label: Modular, EMI

Artist: The Avalanches
Song: The Noisy Eater
Composer: R.Chater, T.Di Blasi, M.Hall, J.Lennon, P.McCartney
Album: Wildflower
Label: Modular, EMI
Album: Last Evenings On Earth
Label: The Leaf

Introducing: Brandn Shiraz

Artist: Brandn Shiraz
Song: Awff Tawp
Composer: B. Rangi-Dixon
Album: Exhibition III - Mixtape
Label: The Grow Room

Artist: Mallrat
Song: Tokyo-Drift
Composer: Mallrat
Album: Tokyo-Drift single
Label: Mallrat

Artist: Massive Attack
Song: The Spoils ft. Hope Sandoval
Composer: Massive Attack
Album: The Spoils single
Label: Virgin Records

Artist: The Prophet Hens
Song: Oh Wait It’s Me Isn’t It, Popular People, Drunk In A Park, Heavy Blossom, Friends
Comp: Bray/Cederman
Album: The Wonfderful Shapes Of Back Door Keys
Label: Fishrider

Artist: Blair Parkes
Song: Stormy Seas, Yours and Mine, Shoulder, Boats, Footpath
Comp: Parkes
Song: Sunday Evening Coming Down
Comp: Parkes/Moore
Album: Cardigan Bay
Label: Independent/Bandcamp

Artist: Pablo Vasquez
Song: Teasero
Composer: J. Mulholland, E Finn
Album: Pablo Vasquez
Label: Cae Gwyn Records


Artist: Jack White
Song: City Lights
Composer: The White Stripes
Album: Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998 - 2016
Label: Third Man Records

Artist: Samuel Flynn Scott & Holly Beals
Song: The Pool
Composer: The Reduction Agents
Album: Waiting For Your Love: A Tribute To The Reduction Agents
Label: Lil Chief Records

Artist: King Loser
Song: 76 Comeback
Composer: King Loser
Album: You Cannot Kill What Does Not Live
Label: Flying Nun Records

Interview: Trust Punks

Artist: Trust Punks
Song: Riding It Out, Half The Way Down, Double Bind, Pig
Composer: Trust Punks
Album: Double Bind
Label: Spunk Records

Artist: Skux
Song: More Than 10 Things
Composer: A. Jaffer, D. Walker
Album: The Two Sides Of She
Label: Skux

Artist: Bon Iver
Song: 10 dEAThbREasT
Composer: J. Vernon
Album: 22, A Million
Label: Jagjaguwar

Artist: Angel Olsen
Song: Shut Up Kiss Me
Composer: A. Olsen
Label: Jagjaguwar Records

Artist: Pitch Black
Song: Invisible Chatter
Composer: Pitch Black
Album: Filtered Senses
Label: Private


The Mixtape - Alex Behan

Artist: Superette
Song: Killer Clown
Composer: Mulcahy/Howe/Anderson
Album: Tiger
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Radiohead
Song: Let Down
Composer: Yorke/Greenwood/Selway/O’Brien/Greenwood
Album: OK Computer
Label: Parlophone

Artist: Feelstyle
Song: Su’amalie
Composer: K Futialo/I. Seumanu
Album: Break It To Pieces
Label:  FMR

Artist: Trinity Roots
Song: Egos
Composer: Maxwell/Hemopo/Gooch
Album: True
Label: Trinity Roots

Artist: Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Song: Finishing Jubilee Street 
Composer: Cave
Album: Push The Sky Away
Label: Badseed

Artist: Darkside
Song: Paper Trails
Composer: Jaar
Album: Psychic
Label: Matador  

Artist: Jamie XX
Song: All Under One Roof Raving
Composer: Smith
Album: In Colour
Label: XL

Artist: Lorde
Song: A World Alone
Composer: Yellich O’Connor/Little
Album: Pure Heroine
Label: Universal