Music played in this show


Artist: So Laid Back Country China
Song: With Knees of Honey
Composer: So Laid Back Country China
Album: With Knees of Honey in Goodbye Canyon
Label: Private

So Laid Back Country China
Artist: So Laid Back Country China
Song: Return to Goodbye, Ballad of Calm Arms, Garden Lost Child, Pt. 1
Composer: So Laid Back Country China
Album: Sin Cristales
Label: Private

Introducing: Sea Views
Artist: Sea Views
Song: Into The Night
Composer: Sea Views
Album: Into The Night EP
Label: Sea Views

Artist: Shayne P. Carter
Song: I Know Where I Stand
Composer: S.Carter
Album: Offsider
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Ian Sweet
Song: #23
Composer: Ian Sweet
Album: Shapeshifter
Label: Hardly Art

Lisa Suckdog
Artist: Suckdog
Song: Your Dragon, Alligators Lurking, Being in Love, Snakes Dancing, Brontës in the Attic, Will I Ever Do Anything with My Clothes On?
Album: Drugs Are Nice
Composer: Lisa Carver
Label: Suckdog


Manuel Göttsching
Artist: Manuel Göttsching
Song: Bois De La Lune
Composer: M.Göttsching
Album: Manuel Göttsching - Ash Ra Tempel - Ashra ‎– The Private Tapes Vol. 1
Label: MG Art

Artist: Ash Ra Tempel
Song: Pimboss, Traummaschine
Composer: M.Göttsching
Album: Ash Ra Tempel
Label: Made in Germany Music

Artist: Ash Ra Tempel (with Timothy Leary)
Song: Downtown
Composer: M.Göttsching
Album: Seven Up
Label: Made in Germany Music

Artist: Manuel Göttsching
Song: Inventions for Electric Guitar
Composer: M.Göttsching
Album: Inventions for Electric Guitar
Label: MG Art

Artist: Manuel Göttsching
Song: E2-E4 Part 1 of 6, E2-E4 Part 6 of 6
Composer: M.Göttsching
Album: E2-E4
Label: MG Art

Artist: Manuel Göttsching
Song: Shuttlecock (2013)
Composer: M.Göttsching
Album: 2013 at the Ambient Festival in Gorlice
Label: MG Art

Artist: Holy Balm
Song: Fashion
Composer: Holy Balm
Album: Activity
Label: Chapter Music

The Sampler: Sachi/October/Suren Unka & Levi Patel
Artist: Sachi
Song: Hold On, South Central feat. DUCKWRTH, Heavy Breathing
Composer: Chrisp/Thomas
Album: Lunch With Bianca EP
Label: Universal

Artist: October
Song: Switchblade, Kids, 750mls
Composer: E Logan
Album: Switchblade EP
Label: Universal

Artist: Suren Unka and Levi Patel
Song: Shelter, You, Rise
Composer: Unka/Patel
Album: 5/8
Label: Marigold Music

Artist: Grimes
Song: Medieval Warfare
Composer: C.Boucher
Album: Suicide Squad: The Album
Label: Warner Music

Third3ye in Session
Artist: Third3ye
Song: Feet 5, Old Soul
Composer: Third3ye
Album: RNZ Music Recording
Label: RNZ Music Recording

Artist: Gold Panda
Song: Media Evil
Composer: D. Powers
Album: Kingdom EP
Label: City Slang


Artist: Transistors
Song: On Cashel Street
Composer: Transistors
Album: Cuppa Jarra Brossa
Label: Private

Christchurch Venues
Artist: Lawrence Arabia
Song: Apple Pie Bed
Composer: Milne and Buda
Album: Chant Darling
Label: Honorary Bedouin

Artist: Mac Demarco
Song: Passing Out Pieces
Composer: Demarco
Album: Salad Days
Label: Spunk

Artist: Pikachunes
Song: Disco Baby
Album: Pikachunes
Label: Lil' Chief

Artist: Lee Fields and the Expressions
Song: My World
Composer: L.Fields
Album: My World
Label: Truth & Soul Records

The Sampler: Aaradhna
Artist: Aaradhna
Songs: Brown Girl, Drunken Heart Smoky Mind, Empty Hall, Messin’ Around, Devil’s Living In My Shadow, I’m The One For You
Comp: Patel, Scott
Album: Brown Girl
Label: Universal

Artist: NAO
Songs: Trophy feat AK Paul
Comp: N.Joshua, A.Paul
Album: For All We Know
Label: Little Tokyo Recordings

Artist: Rob Ruha
Song: Waiaroha feat Maisey Rika
Composer: R.Ruha, M.Rika
Album: Pūmau
Label: Private


The Mixtape: Rob Ruha
Artist: Rob Ruha
Song: Te Aomuhurangi
Composer: Rikirangi Gage
Album: RNZ Recording
Label: Unreleased

Artist: Te Whānau-ā-Apanui
Song: Kahura
Composer: Unknown
Album: Live at WOMAD 2016
Label: Unreleased RNZ Recording

Artist: Bob Marley
Song: So Much Trouble In The World
Composer: Marley
Album: Survival
Label: Island

Artist: Glen Miller
Song: In The Mood
Composer: Miller
Album: The Essential Glen Miller
Label: Sony

Artist: Te Mokai
Song: He Tohu Aroha
Composer: W Nia Nia
Album: The Maori Music Collection
Label: Jayrem

Artist: Maisey Rika
Song: Tangaroa Whakamautai
Composer: Rika
Album: Whitiora
Label: Moonlight