Access All Areas: Zowie
Singer songwriter Zowie is about to release her debut album Love Demolition.
Already she has attracted huge international interest playing private parties for influential American blogger Perez Hilton and Nylon Magazine, receiving a write up in the New York Times and supporting Katy Perry on her recent Australasian tour… all of which is a long way from Northcote College.
For Access All Areas Trevor Reekie talks to Zowie about her "kaleidoscopic baton swinging", Bionic Pixies, collaborations, and creating style into substance.

Tommy Ill
Self-deprecating local rapper Tommy Ill makes some noise for his major label debut New Hat and A Haircut with the help of David Letterman and the Evers-Swindell twins.

Rufus Wainwright
Crooner Rufus Wainwright talks about having a baby with Leonard Cohen's daughter, redefining privacy and his new Mark Ronson produced album - Out of the Game


The Sampler: Jack White - Blunderbuss
Former White Stripe Jack White's first solo album Blunderbuss passes through the critical ears of Troy Ferguson and onto your radio.

There used to be several record stores in the far North. You could get the latest sounds from independent shops in The Bay Of Island and Kawakawa. Now there's only one store left called Musicor, run by Dave Ryan in Whangarei since 1967 - Nick Atkinson paid a visit on International Record Store Day last weekend.

Skank Attack PR

Skank Attack
We re-connect with a mid 80s Wellington post-punk band - Skank Attack - who've just released an album- 24 years after recording it... (band pictured left)





Gig Guide


Around The World in 80 Tunes : Zambia. While many other African nations’ music scenes have been well documented and distributed in Western music media, the Southern African state of Zambia doesn’t get much coverage. Formerly known as Northern Rhodesia, Zambia was a British colony and in the early 1970s gave rise to the Zam-Rock scene, influenced by James Brown style funk and Jimi Hendrix tinged psychedelia. One of the groups at the forefront of the scene was Witch. Bandleader Emmanuel 'Jagari' Chanda talks about the movement and paints a picture of Zambia at the time. These days, Zambian youth soak up the auto-tuned, ring-tone rap influences of North America – producing a unique take on African hip hop and R&B. The 'first lady' of Zambian hip hop Cynthia Kayula Bwalya, known as 'Kay', speaks about the scene, and gives her perspective on life in the industry and in Zambia.


ATW Tunes Zambia Witch Lazy Bones used with permission png

Witch - Zambian Psych-Rock band from the 1970s - Album cover used with permission

The Sampler: Willis Earl Beal - Acousmatic Sorcery
The lo-fi recordings of a lonely young man who wrote a songs as a means to connect with strangers.

Introducing: Blue Mt Lumber


Music played in this show


Artist: Moodyman
Song: Saturday at The Rock
Composer: Dixon
Album: Picture This
Label: Scion AV

Artist: David Bowie
Song: Hang On To Yourself
Composer: Bowie
Album: Ziggy Stardust
Label: EMI

Interview: Zowie

Artist: Zowie
Song: Love Demolition
Composer: Zoe Fleury-Lee groves
Song: Nasty Fun
Composer: Zoe Fleury – Tim Anderson
Album: Love Demolition
Label: Sony Australia

Artist: Bionic Pixie
Song: You did the NONO
Composer: Bionic Pixie
Album: demo
Label: unreleased

Artist: Zowie
Song: You Treat Me Like I'm Software
Song: Broken Machine (Bonus Song)
Song: Broken Machine RAC Mix
Song: King Of One Thing
Composer: Zoe Fleury – Lee Groves
Song: My Calculator – Enrik Jonback
Song: The Bang Bangs
Composer: Zoe Fleury
Song: Anodyne
Composer: Zoe Fleury- Liam Howe – Hannah Robinson
Song: Smash It
Composer: Zoe Fleury – Jimmy Harry
Song: Ping Ping
Composer: Zoe Fleury-Te Struts-A Kronlund
Song: Zip It Up
Composer: Zoe Fleury-Severin-Lennevald
Song: Love Or Hate (Bonus Song)
Composer: Zoe Fleury-Lee Groves
Song: Love Demolition
Composer: Zoe Fleury-Lee Groves
Album: Love Demolition
Label: Sony Australia

Interview: Tommy Ill

Artist: Tommy Ill
Song: New Hat and a Haircut/5th Beatle/No Magnets/Pushbike
Composer: T.Young
Album: New Hat and a Haircut
Label: EMI

Artist: Willy Moon
Song: Yeah Yeah
Composer: Moon
Album: single
Label: Universal

Artist: J Dilla
Song: The Twister (Huh, What?)
Composer: Dilla
Album: Donuts
Label: Stonesthrow

Artist: Mark Ronson and the Business INTL
Song: Bang Bang Bang
Composer: Ronson
Album: Record Collection
Label: Columbia

Interview: Rufus Wainwright

Artist: Rufus Wainwright
Song: Barbara, Jericho, Candles, Montauk, Perfect Man, Rashida
Composer: Rufus Wainwright
Album: Out Of The Game
Label: Decca

Artist: Loudon Wainwright III
Song: All In A Family
Composer: L Wainwright
Album: Older Than My Old Man Now
Label: Story Sound Records.


Artist: Beach Boys
Song: That's Why God Made The Radio
Composer: Beach Boys
Album: That's Why God Made The Radio

The Sampler: Jack White

Artist: Jack White
Songs: Sixteen Saltines; Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy; Missing Pieces; Love Interruption; Hypocritical Kiss; Take Me With You When You Go
Composer: White
Song: I'm Shakin'
Composer: Rudolph Toombs
Album: Blunderbuss
Label: Third Man / Sony

Artist: Hugh and the New Zealanders
Song:What’s Wrong with Huntley
Composer: Sundae
Album: Single
Label: n/a

Artist: Pat Rogers
Song: Taumarunui
Composer: P Cape
Album: I’m An Ordinary Joker
Label: Kiwi

Interview: Dave Ryan of Musicor

Artist: Tony Joe White
Song: Polk Salad Annie
Composer: Tony Joe White
Album: Delta Swap Rock (comp)
Label: Soul Jazz Records

Artist: The Black seeds
Song: Pippy Pip
Composer: The Black Seeds
Album: Single
Label: Rhythmethod

Artist: The Mokeys
Song: The Monkeys Theme
Composer: The Mokeys
Album: The Best Of the Monkeys
Label: Arista/Rhino Records

Artist: Katchafire
Song: On The Road Again
Composer: L.Bell
Album: On The Road Again
Label: EMI

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Song: Black Dog
Composer: Led Zeppelin
Album: Led Zeppelin IV
Label: Atlantic

Artist: Leon Russel
Song: Out In the Woods
Composer: Leon Russel
Album: Delta Swap Rock (comp)
Label: Soul Jazz Records

Artist: Skeptics
Song: Agitator
Composer: Skeptics
Album: Skeptics III
Label: Flying Nun

Interview: Skank Attack

Artist: Skeptics
Song: Agitator
Composer: Skeptics
Album: Skeptics III
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Black Keys
Song: Little Black Submarines
Composer: Auerbach
Album: El Camino
Label: Nonesuch

Gig Guide Bed

Artist: Lil Band O Gold
Song: Spoonbread
Composer: Lil Band O Gold
Album: A Swamp Pop Journey
Label: Lil Band

Artist: Smashing Pumpkins
Song: Soma (instrumental)
Composer: Corgan/Iha
Album: Siamese Dream deluxe
Label: Virgin

Artist: P Money
Song: Peace Of Mind
Composer: P Wadams
Album: Unreleased Joints and Remixes
Label: Dirty


Artist: Patea Maori Club
Song: Poi E
Composer: Dalvanius and Patea Maori
Album: Poi E 25 Years
Label: Jayrem

Around The World in 80 Tunes: Zambia

Music Details to come

Artist: Fetus Productions
Song: Whats Going On
Album: Fetus ReProductions
Label: Antenna

Artist: Wesley Willis
Song: Rock n Roll McDonalds
Composer: Willis
Album: Greatest Hits
Label: Alternative Tentacles

The Sampler: Willis Earl Beal

Artist: Willis Earl Beal
Songs: Take Me Away; Swing On Low; Evening's Kiss; Sambo Joe From The Rainbow; Bright Copper 'Noon; Monotony
Composer: Willis Earl Beal
Album: Acousmatic Sorcery
Label: Hot Charity / XL

Introducing: Blue Mt Lumbar

Artist: Blue Mt Lumbar
Song: Whangamata
Composer: McAuley
Album: n/a
Label: n/a

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Song: Stairway To Heaven
Composer: Page/Plant
Album: Led Zeppelin 4
Label: Atlantic