2-3 pm

Levon Helm
We pay tribute to Levon Helm - influential member of The Band, who died this week with an interview from 2007 (For the full interview with Levon Helm, go to  Fresh Air on NPR with Terry Gross)

Warratahs thumbAccess All Areas: 25 years of The Warratahs
As writer and broadcaster Chris Bourke once wrote, the Warratahs have earned their reputation by playing "what seems like a tiny wooden hall down the end of every gravel road in New Zealand… like the main trunk line and the Edmonds Cookbook, the place wouldn't be the same without them"
This year marks the 25th anniversary of The Warratahs, and they are celebrating with a newly remastered 19-track album of their best, plus a 5 track E.P. of new songs, together entitled The Warratahs 25 Year Collection. For Access All Areas this week Trevor Reekie catches up with the two founding members, singer-songwriter Barry Saunders and violinist Nik Brown. (Pictured right in 1987 - (L-R): John Donoghue, Wayne Mason, Barry Saunders, Marty Jorgensen, Nik Brown)

Dictaphone Blues
Songwriter Ed Castelow has led Dictaphone Blues through several line-up changes, but now he's found a committed band to take his new album Beneath The Crystal Palace on the road. Nick Atkinson visited Auckland studio The Lab where the band bake up their sound. Ed talks about being a musical 'yes-man'.

Taite Music Prize
We have the winner of the third annual Taite Music Prize, which awards $10,000 to a local musician with an outstanding album.

3 - 4pm

International Record Store Day
We check out local celebrations of bricks and mortar music retail.

Toy Love courtesy Rip It Up

The Sampler: Toy Love: Live at The Gluepot
Seminal NZ punk band Toy Love played one of their last gigs at defunct Auckland venue The Gluepot in 1980 - the recording of that show is released on vinyl today, as a special International Record Store Day release -

Troy Ferguson takes a listen.

Hear three songs in full here.










Photo: Real Groovy

Introducing: The Shocking And Stunning

Gig Guide

4-5 pm

Around The World in 80 Tunes Pt 5: Romania
Romania is a country with a vibrant music scene that has one foot in the past and one foot firmly in the future. From the big brass assault and Roma bravado of bands like Mahala Rai Banda to emerging young electronic talent- which is fast giving Romania's capital Bucharest a reputation for its forward thinking club culture. Nick Dwyer meets with Aurel Ionita, band leader of Mahala Rai Banda and Cosmin TRG, one of the leading production talents in Romanian club music, for an insight into the country's rich and unique culture and heritage.

ATW Tunes Romania Mahala Rai Banda used with permission

Mahala Rai Banda - Photo used with Permission

After a decade-plus career behind the turntables DJing for Aotearoa hip hop's finest, DJ CXL talks about calling in the favours for his own album Represent.


Music played in this show


Artist: The Band
Song: Theme from The Last Waltz
Composer: R Robertson
Album: The Last Waltz
Label: Rhino

Interview: Levon Helm with Terry Gross in 2007 for NPR's Fresh Air

Artist: Levon Helm
Songs: False Hearted Lover Blues, The Blind Child, Little Birds
Composer: All Trad
Album: Dirt Farmer
Label: Vanguard

Artist: Bob Dylan + The Band
Song: Yazoo Street Scandal   
Composer: J R Robertson
Album: The Basement Tapes
Label: Columbia

Artist: The Band
Song: The Weight
Composer: J R Robertson
Album: Music From The Big Pink
Label: Capitol

Artist: The Band
Song: I Shall Be Released
Composer: Trad.
Album: The Last Waltz
Label: Rhino

Interview: The Warratahs

Artist: The Warratahs
Song: Kupe's Tears, Big Sky, St Peter's Rendezvous, Maureen, Fools Paradise, Sykes, Good Combinations, Only Game In Town, Taranaki, Rescue Me
Composer: Saunders
Album: 25 Year Collection
Label: Ode Records

Artist: The Warratahs
Song: East Of Mt Eden, Hands Of My Heart
Composer: Saunders - Mason
Album: 25 Year Collection
Label: Ode Records

Artist: The Warratahs
Song: Inter-Islander
Composer: Winch
Album: The Warratahs Collection
Label: Pagan

Artist: The Warratahs
Song: Cape Turnagain / Naming The Gods
Composer: Saunders - Hunt
Album: 25 Year Collection
Label: Ode Records

Artist: The Lonesome Buckwhips
Song: The Wahine Was A Once Off
Composer: The Lonesome Buckwhips
Album: n/a
Label: Radio NZ Recording

Artist: Sam Hunt and Mammal
Song: Sandshoe Shuffle
Composer: Hunt/Mammal
Album: Beware The Man
Label: Red Rat Records

Interview: Dictaphone Blues

Artist: Dictaphone Blue
Song: Spicy Fruit Loaf, What Happened To Our Love, As I Of You, Friends Need Friends
Composer: Edward Castelow and Dictaphone Blues
Album: Beneath The Crystal Palace
Label: Banished From the Universe/EMI

Taite Prize Ceremony

Artist: Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Songs: F-F-Funny Friends, How Can U Luv Me  
Composer: R Neilson
Album: Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Label: Seeing Hand


Artist: The Tweeds
Song: I Need That Record
Composer: The Tweeds
Album: Yellow Pills
Label: Numero Group

Artist: Lawrence Arabia
Song: Perfect Specimens
Composer: Milne
Album: 7"
Label: Honorary Bedouin

The Sampler: Toy Love Live At The Gluepot 

Artist: Toy Love
Song: Sheep, Squeeze, Don't Ask Me, Toy Love Song, Photographs Of Naked ladies
Composer: Bathgate/Dooley/Kean/Knox/Walker
Song: Pull Down The Shades
Composer: Bathgate/Dawson/Dooley/Knox
Album: Live At The Gluepot
Label: Real Groovy Records

Aritst: Holly Fullbrook
Song: Toy Love Song
Composer:Bathgate/ Knox/ Walker/ Dooley/ Kean
Album: Unreleased
Label: na

Artist: Pokey La Farge
Song: Shenadoah River
Composer: Pokey La Farge
Album: Shenadoah River
Label: Evangelist

Aritst: Ugly Custard
Song: Hung Upside Down
Composer: Stills
Album: Ugly Custard
Label: Strut

Artist: Deerhoof + of Montreal
Song: A Filthy Fifth
Album: Stygian x} Bisection
Label: Polyvinyl

Introducing: The Shocking And Stunning

Artist: The Shocking And Stunning
Song: Return of the Rock God
Composer: The Shocking and Stunning
Album: I met them, they were c**ts
Label: Private

Artist: Jack White
Song: Blunderbuss
Composer: White
Album: Blunderbuss
Label: Third Man


Around The World in 80 Tunes - Romania

Artist: Mahala Rai Banda
Composer:Mahala Rai Banda
Album: Mahala Rai Banda
Label: Crammed Discs

Artist: Cosmin TRG
Song: Infite Helsinki
Composer: Cosmin Nicola
Album: Simulat
Label: 50 Weapons

Artist:Cosmin TRG
Song:Magnetic Bodies
Composer: Cosmin Nicolae
Album: Rush Hour Single
Label: Rush Hour

Artist: Cosmin TRG
Song: Izolat
|Composer: Cosmin Nicolae
Album:Separat 12”
Label: 50 Weapons

Artist: Christian Paduraru
Song: Clickno Anthemn (Rhadoo Remix)
Composer: Rhadoo
Album: Clickno Single
Label: Christian Paduraru

Artist:Moonlight Breakfast
Song: Shout
Composer: Moonlight Breakfast
Album: Moonlight Breakfast EP
Label: Play All

Artist:Moonlight Breakfast
Song: Silent Disco
Composer: Moonlight Breakfast
Album: Moonlight Breakfast EP
Label: Play All

Artist: Mahala Rai Banda
Song: Spoiteresa, Balkan Reggae
Composer: Mahala Rai Banda
Album: Mahala Rai Banda
Label: Crammed Discs

Artist: Deliric 1
Song: This Is Raw, Negro, Povesti Cu Noi
Composer: Deliiric 1
Album: Periodical Inspection
Label: We Records

Pacific Music Awards Finalists

Artist: Adeaze
Song: Paradise
Album: Rise and Shine

ArtisT: Ria
Song: Over You
Label: Frequency

Artist: David Dallas
Song: Take A Picture
Album: The Rose Tint
Label: Dirty

Artist: Warren Maxwell
Song: Whakarongo
Composer: H Melbourne
Album: He Rangi Paihuarere
Label: Black Media

Artist: Ill Semantics
Song: Highway
Album: Theory of Meaning
Label: Dawn Raid

Interview: DJ CXL

Artist: DJ CXL
Song: Represent/Make a Change/My Love/How to be a Real DJ/You Got It/Number One
Composer: P.Chambers
Album: Represent
Label: Illegal Musik

Artist: Beach House
Song: Myth
Composer: V Legrand/A Scally
Album: Bloom
Label: Sub Pop