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Extended Play: The Classic Flying Nun EPs

The musicians behind Flying Nun's 'classic' EPs of the 1980s give us their backstories in this series produced by radio station Bfm.

The 'classic' EPs released by Flying Nun Records in the 1980s are an important part of New Zealand arts and popular culture history, both individually and collectively. It has been said these EPs are far more than a handful of songs issued on the 12” vinyl format, but self-contained little art pieces that could not have come from anywhere else in the world at any other time.

Often obscured by such generalisations as 'the Dunedin Sound' and other assumptions, Extended Play highlights the creativity and very different approaches taken by the groups who made these 'classic' EPs in the 1980s.

The EPs themselves are investigated in-depth, hour-long programmes. Participants tell the stories of their creation and place them within the context of the life and times of those involved.