15 Jan 2005

Enzology Part 3 - Second Thoughts (1976-1977)

From Enzology, 3:05 pm on 15 January 2005

The band move to London, ​Mental Notes is re-recorded for the overseas market and the Enz tour the UK just as punk rears its snotty head.

An ill-fated promotional tour of the US leads to the departure of key band members. Neil Finn is asked to join.

Songs in this programme include 'Titus', 'Sweet Dreams', 'Another Great Divide', 'Jamboree' and 'Crosswords' plus rare recordings of 'Love Song' and 'Fallout With The Lads'.

Album Trivia: Second Thoughts

  • The Enz lived opposite Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren’s Sex Shop in Kings Road while recording Second Thoughts (or Mental Notes, as it was known in the Northern Hemisphere).
  • Eddie Rayner hired a double-Mellotron for these sessions.
  • Tim Finn was kept away from the studio during the recording of the rhythm tracks. “He was deemed too nervy”, says bassist Mike Chunn.
  • 'Matinee Idyll', the re-recorded and re-named '129', features former Split Enz member Miles Golding on violin.
  • The demo of 'Late Last Night' contained an extra verse.
  • There were two studio versions of 'Late Last Night' released on record. The first was recorded in Melbourne with producer Ernie Rose and was released as a single in Australasia with a promo video. The second was the Phil Manzanera-produced version for the album. Unfortunately, the tape of the original 'Late Last Night' is no longer in the vault. Therefore, when the Split Enz DVD was being compiled, this song’s video was synchronised with the album recording, causing some timing difficulties. See if you can spot ‘em.
  • The 'Late Last Night' video, directed by Noel in the warehouse above the Armstrongs recording studio, features Mike as a drunk, puffing away on his cigarette. “I didn’t drink or smoke back then, so it was fun.”
  • UK's Sounds magazine named Mental Notes as the best debut LP for 1976.
  • See Episode Two - Mental Notes for more information on the cover art.

Enzology - The Story Of Split Enz was produced and presented by Jeremy Ansell for Radio New Zealand National.