1:15 Former Army officer finalist in Kiwibank Local Hero of the Year awards

Tomorrow the Kiwibank Local Hero of the Year will be announced and one of the nominees this year is Dr Ellen Joan Nelson.

Ellen is a former army officer who previously served in Afganistan.

When the country fell to the Taliban in 2021, she ignited efforts to help evacuate locals.

Her work led to the evacuation of 563 Afghans to New Zealand.

Dr Nelson talks to Jesse about her work and making the finalists for the award.

Ellen Nelson

Ellen Nelson Photo: NZ Herald image by Michael Craig

1:25 Female odours and pheromones extend life in mice and cause weight lost

Otago University researchers have found that the smell of female odours and pheromones causes weight loss and extends the life span of mice - which might have implications for humans.

Already it's known that pheromones have an impact on humans and mammals when it comes to the release of sex hormones, but the latest results show there could be more wide-spread physiological effects on the metabolism and ageing.

Dr Michael Garrat from the University's department of anatomy is the lead researcher on this work talks to Jesse about their discovery.

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Photo: 123rf

1:35 The oldest Sumatran tiger dies at Hamilton Zoo

Staff and visitors of Hamilton Zoo were recently saddened by the loss of Mencari, the world's oldest Sumatran tiger.

Mencari arrived at the zoo at 14 months old and lived for 23 years.

The decision was made to euthanise her after her health deteriorated beyond repair.

Hamilton Zoo Carnivore team leader Shane Fox talks to Jesse about Mencari and her longevity.

A picture released by Hamilton City Council on 10 January 2022 when Mencari was celebrating her 22nd birthday.

A picture released by Hamilton City Council on 10 January 2022 when Mencari was celebrating her 22nd birthday. Photo: Supplied by Hamilton City Council

1:45 'Andy Cooks' back in NZ to launch world tour

Andy Hearnden, better known as Andy Cooks, has racked up an impressive 1 billion views on youtube and amassed a following of 4.3 million followers on TikTok with his cooking videos. 

He's originally from Auckland New Zealand but currently based in Australia after a successful chef career working all over the world.

His mission now is to encourage as many buddy chefs in the kitchen as possible through is digital channels.

Andy talks to Jesse about his career and visit to NZ where he's also creating recipes for the fresh food delivery company, Foodbox.

Andy Hearnden (aka Andy Cooks)

Andy Hearnden (aka Andy Cooks) Photo: andycooks/facebook

2.12 Podcast Critic: Ximena Smith

Today Ximena talks to Jesse about two podcasts, The Witch Trials of JK Rowling and Killing Victoria.

2:25 Bookmarks with Hannah O'Neill

Our bookmarks guest for today is ballerina Hannah O'Neill

She is currently just one of two dancers to have reached the coveted 'etoile' status within the prestigious dance company the Paris Opera Ballet.

The accomplishment is a huge feat for a non-French dancer, with a handful of foreigners only being accepted into its ranks within the last 12 years - despite its 354-year history.

She talks to Jesse about her incredible career and what she enjoys watching, reading and listening to when she's not rehearsing or performing.

Hannah O'Neill

Hannah O'Neill Photo: supplied

3:10 Having tough conversations about controversial topics

Dr Peter Boghossian wants us to learn how to have impossible conversations about tough topics ; gender identity, faith, race, politics, the lot. He's a former Professor of Philosophy at Portland State University who started a conversation about the place of free speech and critical thinking in higher education when he  quit his job in 2021, saying it had become a social justice factory at the price of intellectual freedom. He's a founding faculty member at the University of Austin, a private institution. He's on tour in Australia advocating for everyone to how to have tough conversations  in an age of social media misinformation and  polarization. Dr Boghossian talks to Jesse.

Professor Peter Boghossian

Professor Peter Boghossian Photo: supplied

3:35 Stories from Our Changing World

Coming up on Our Changing World, a group of researchers are investigating what will happen to alpine plant ecosystems in Tongariro National Park when things heat up.

A woman wearing a wide-brimmed hat bends over a white square frame, pointing through a wide mesh with a stick towards the tussocks below. A woman wearing a cap sits and watches, pen ready to take notes.

Pindrop biomass survey at low elevation site. Photo: Claire Concannon / RNZ

3:45 The Panel with Ruth Money and David Cormack