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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 7 April 2021


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1:17 Is there an argument for taxpayer funding for the All Blacks?

Is there an argument to be made for the taxpayer to invest in New Zealand Rugby / the All Blacks?

In an opinion piece for the NZ Herald, sports columnist Gregor Paul writes that the case for the government to invest in the All Blacks is far stronger than it is to invest in the America's Cup.

His piece follows news of New Zealand Rugby's proposed $465 million deal with US company Silver Lake.

Gregor talks to Jesse about the current situation.

AIG has been the All Blacks jersey sponsor since 2012.

AIG has been the All Blacks jersey sponsor since 2012. Photo: Photosport

1:27 Encouraging COVID vaccine uptake in anti-vax circles

Dr Mike Lee is tackling the issue of how to encourage anti-vaccination groups to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

He's an associate professor of Marketing at Auckland University and observed the anti-vax movement for the past decade.

He talks to Jesse about the COVID vaccine PR problems that should be addressed.

MIQ and border workers getting Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine.

Photo: Supplied / Ministry of Health

1:37 Raising awareness of Parkinson's and advocating for more support

Andy McDowell is an advocate for support for people with Parkinson's.

Parkinson's affects about 12,000 New Zealanders and is the second most common neuro-degenerative disorder after Alzheimer's disease.

Andy was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2009, and talks to Jesse about how he is trying to raise awareness.

close-up of the doctor hand pointing to the brain CT

Photo: 123RF

1:55 Afternoons Quiz Robert Kelly

RNZ producer and onetime bookseller Robert Kelly presents his weekly quiz.


2.12 Podcast Critic: Molly Jones

Today Molly Jones gives her verdict on the Belgian Smaak Podcast, which originally began as a personal blog and Good For You, an interview based production hosted by comedian Whitney Cummings.

2:25 Bookmarks with Peter Gordon 

Master of fusion food and culinary pioneer Peter Gordon joins Jesse to talk about what he listens to, reads and watches when he's not being creative in the kitchen or finding more ways to support local food producers.

Peter Gordon

Peter Gordon Photo: Jonathan Gregson

3:10 Anne Geddes bringing back baby photos in lockdown for her "Joy" project

When the pandemic prevented world renowned photographer Anne Geddes  from doing what she does, taking pictures of babies, she decided to do something else.  She decided to ask people all over the world  for their pictures of their babies.  Hundreds of photos from more than 80 countries poured in. From her New York City apartment, under some of the strictest lockdowns in America, hope found a way in.  We'll talk to Anne Geddes about The "Joy" project. Today she's also launched a new photo sharing app  with behind the scenes stories and tips for budding baby photographers.

3:35 Stories from Our Changing World: Voice of the Iceberg 2: Revelation

In today’s retro slot with Our Changing World, Alison Ballance is taking us back an award-winning podcast series set in Antarctica.

Artist Joseph Michael and his team record the characters and sounds of icebergs in Antarctica. In part 2, the varied sights and sounds of Antarctic icebergs begin to reveal themselves.

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Photo: AUT

3:45 The Panel with Lynda Hallinan and Ed Amon