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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 8 April 2021

1.12 First Song:


1:17 NZ Brain Institute on Parkinson's research advances

After speaking to  Andy McDowell yesterday, who has lived with Parkinson's since 2009 there was a huge amount of feedback.

Andy came into the Auckland studio to talk about his personal experience of the disease - what life is like - and to raise awareness and advocate for support for others with Parkinson's.

The New Zealand Brain Research Institute also got in touch and offered to tell us about their latest research into Parkinson's. Director Dr Michael MacAskill talks to Jesse.

close-up of the doctor hand pointing to the brain CT

Photo: 123RF

1:27 Shellfish towers a potentially sustainable option for offshore marine farming

A 'shellfish tower' is being touted as showing great potential for sustainable offshore marine farming.

To tell us more we're joined by aquaculture scientist Kevin Heasman from the Cawthron Institute.

Kevin led the Shellfish Tower project and specialises in open ocean aquaculture research. He explains the tower to Jesse.

Shellfish tower underwater

Shellfish tower underwater Photo: Cawthrone Insitute

1:35 Finding out why a song about  George Wilder was banned on public radio

On his quest to research for another Black Sheep podcast, RNZ's William Ray came across the story of how a song about George Wilder was banned on public radio. George Wilder was a folk hero as well as a prison escapee!

He explains to Jesse why the song was forbidden and how it still reached number one in the New Zealand charts in spite of the ban.

George Wilder

George Wilder Photo: police file photo

1:45 Great album

Today's Great Album, and what the link 3 winner will receive is the Giant Steps from John Coltrane.

It's the fifth studio album from the jazz musician when he was well on his way to becoming the most influential tenor saxophonist in modern jazz.

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1:50 NZ Today starts tonight

Comedian Guy Williams is returning to our screens with the second season of his show 'NZ Today'!

He's popping in to the Auckland studio to tell us what he's been up to and whether he has discoverd a favourite small town along the way.

Guy Williams

Guy Williams Photo: supplied

2:10 Music Critic: Tony Stamp


2:25 NZ Screen History: A Dog's Show

Every sunday at 6pm from 1977 huge numbers of New Zealanders would be glued to the television to watch what could be described as the most unlikely hit tv show in the world.

A Dog's Show was a competition involving farmers and dogs herding sheep!

Jesse talks to John Gordon who presented the show for 15 years and also produced it during it's final 3 years.



3:10 Link 3


3:15 Your Money with Mary Holm 

This week Mary Holm discusses low-risk funds, which she says are a good alternative to bank term deposits which currently have very low rates of return.

3:35 Spoken Feature: Conversations With My Immigrant Parents

Over the next few weeks we will feature excerpts of podcast and video series Conversations With My Immigrant Parents, hosted by Saraid de Silva and Julie Zhu. This podcast sees different generations within immigrant families sitting down to share intimate stories together. 

Sisters Avi and Eva sit down with their daughters and talk about white men who travel to Indonesia, the fetishisation of Asian women, and leading parallel lives in Whangārei. 

3:45 The Panel with Anna Dean and Tim Watkin