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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 6 April 2021


1:12 First Song

1:17 Rethinking how contraception is given to teenagers in NZ

A rethink is needed on how we provide contraception to teenagers in this country, according to University of Otago researchers.

New Zealand's adolescent pregnancy rate is second only to the United States in the developed world.

More than 93 percent of adolescent pregancies here are unintended, and only 52 percent of sexually active adolescents use contraception consistently.

Dr Rebecca Duncan's paper has just been published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She talks to Jesse about her findings.

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1:27 Mental health services report delayed and redacted

A routine report on the Government's mental health services was delayed for more than a year, and when it was released last week many statistics that were usually included had been removed.

A report by Stuff's Henry Cooke details what went on behind the scenes as officials deliberated on the report's release.

Mental Health Foundation chief executive Shaun Robinson talks to Jesse about what's been going on and how it impacts those who need to access services.

A medical professional takes notes while talking to a female patient.

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1:35 Phil Garrett's attempt to be the fastest kiwi on a motorbike

Phil Garrett has been trying for 20 years to become the fastest person on a motorcycle in New Zealand

And this weekend Phil Garrett hopes to finally make this happen, on his 45 year old Kawasaki motorcyle on a closed road in Ashburton.

He has to reach a speed of 325 kilometres per hour. He talks to Jesse about getting ready for his attempt.


1:50 How to Write: a condolence card

Funeral celebrant Timothy Giles talks to Jesse about how to write a condolence card, or message.

He says the biggest factor to remember when writing a message for someone who's lost a loved one is to remember that its not all about YOU!

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2:10 Book Critic Lisa Glass

Lisa revisits some key feminist books of the 1990's
They Didn't See Us Coming - Lisa Levenstein
Backlash - Susan Faludi
The Beauty Myth - Naomi Wolfe

2:20 The history of Autotune with Tony Stamp

RNZ's Tony Stamp again joins Jesse in the studio to talk about the history of autotune in music.

He explains that during his radio career so far, nothing has drawn more complaints than autotune, which was invented in 1996 by Antares Technology.

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3:10 Wendyl Nissen's quest to uncover her mother's secrets from the past

Every family has secrets.  Alzheimer's didn't rob  Wendyl Nissen's Mum of her memories about the secrets, but it did take away her ability to keep them.   As a journalist, she felt compelled to find the truth about her Mum, who had vacillated between nice and nasty her whole life. Her quest for answers gave her new insights and compassion for her  Mum and how to care for someone with Alzheimer's. Her new book is called My Mother and Other Secrets.

Wendyl Nissen

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3:30 Spoken Feature: Healthy or Hoax

Stacey Morrison finds out if collagen is the key to keeping out skin looking youthful and radiant... on Healthy or Hoax.

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3:45 The Panel with Nikki Pellegrino and Peter Field