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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 27 January 2021

1.12 First Song: Tone6 release their first single

A group of six talented singers from SAINTZUP Performing Arts School, Tone6, is releasing their first single today.

Viliami Tupa'i from the group talks to Jesse about the group and we hear their single, Another Level of Emotion.


Tone6 Photo: Supplied

1:17 Housing crisis: Is rezoning the answer?

In her State of the Nation speech, National Party leader Judith Collins called for urgent temporary legislation to rezone land for housing.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has rejected that call. 

Senior business journalist Bernard Hickey joins Jesse to offer his analysis.

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Photo: Dom Thomas

1:27 New study on how female ovulation evolved

Women evolved to conceal any outward signs of their ovulation, suggests an international study just published.

One of the researchers involved is Auckland University PhD student Scott Claessens, who joins us to explain why this could be significant.

1:37 NZ-made toilet finds fame in US

A public toilet designed and manufactured in West Auckland is making waves in the US, including on social media.

The "intelligent" Exeloo toilet in Colorado has captured the attention of users due to its unique design and automated features - such as self-washing!

Exeloo managing director, Craig van Asch, joins Jesse in the Auckland studio. 

Go here to see the gallery of Exeloo toilets.

The "intelligent" Exeloo toilet in Colorado.

The "intelligent" Exeloo toilet in Colorado. Photo: Supplied.

2.12 Podcast Critic: Katy Atkin 

Today Katy Atkin reviews locally made, He'll Be Right podcast and a chilling US production, The Apology Line.

2:25 Bookmarks with Chloe Gong

Chloe Gong is a Kiwi author who had her first adult novel published just last year, at 19 - and it made the New York times best sellers list!

Her book These Violent Delights is set in Shanghai in the 1920's - a kind of re-imagining of a slightly older and more jaded Romeo and Juliet who are the heads of rival gangs.

Chloe is currently studying at the University of Pennsylvania - and talks to us about life in the US, her writing, and her favourite books, movies, podcasts and music.

Author, Chloe Gong

Author, Chloe Gong Photo: Chloe Gong/Twitter

3:10 How to cope with increasing anxiety in the pandemic

Feeling uncertain? Insecure? A little bit afraid?  Worry is epidemic in the pandemic says therapist Gwendoline Smith.  She offers a step by step guide on how to cope when anxiety sets in. Her new book is The Book of Angst: Understand and manage anxiety.

Gwendoline Smith

Gwendoline Smith Photo:

3:35 Stories from Our Changing World.

Innermost Gardens in central Wellington has been the subject of research by summer students from Victoria University of Wellington's School of Architecture. Garden volunteer Chris Montgomery and researcher Fabricio Chicca talk with Alison Ballance about measuring the social benefits of a community garden, and why people appreciate and use a well-run communal compost system.

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3:45 The Panel with Nicky Pellegrino and Peter Elliot