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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 26 January 2021


1:12 First Song


1:17 NZ isn't ready for a COVID vaccine roll out - vaccinologist

Leading vaccinologist Dr Helen Petousis-Harris believes New Zealand is not ready for a COVID vaccine roll out.

She believes a lot more work needs to be done to collect data on baseline death rates so people aren't wrongly attributing vaccinations with deaths. She explains to Jesse what should be happening.

Close up of senior woman geting flu shot

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1:27 Sewerage pipe problems persist in Wellington

Parts of Wellington's CBD are closed and residents are being asked to flush sparingly after another sewerage pipe has broken.

NZME's Georgina Campbell talks to Jesse about the ongoing issue of fixing the city's ageing underground infrastructure and other problems the capital is facing.

Wellington, New Zealand - city aerial view of marina and downtown skyscrapers.

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1:35 NZ species of mollusc attracts attention

An international competition has been launched to put the humble mollusc in the spotlight.

Dr Priscila Salloum has nominated a New Zealand native, the snakeskin chiton Sypharochiton pelliserpentis, which has made it to the top five!

She tells Jesse what makes this particular mollusc so special.

Voting is open here until 31 January.

The snakeskin chiton 'Sypharochiton pelliserpentis', which is in the running for 'Mollusc of the Year 2021.'

The snakeskin chiton 'Sypharochiton pelliserpentis', which is in the running for 'Mollusc of the Year 2021.' Photo: Priscila Salloum / Supplied

1:50 How to write: a jingle

You may not have heard of Larry Killip, but you would have definitely heard some of his compositions.

In addition to being a musician, composer and songwriter - he is a prolific jingle writer, and he joins Jesse in the studio to tell us how to write a jingle.

Larry Killip

Larry Killip Photo: Steve Hilliar

2:10 Book Critic: Claire Mabey

2:20 Songs about home

We play your picks for the best songs about home.

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3:10 Freeing communities from 'Big Food's' control

The struggle to eat right and eat well is real  but the fight is not fair says former New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman. He says Big Food marketers and politicians thrive on a food system that isn't good for us and isn't good for the planet. He shares stories from around the world about activists cooking up plans to free their communities from Big Food's control.

Mark Bittman

Mark Bittman Photo:

3:30 Spoken Feature: Witness History

A wave of popular anti-government uprisings swept through the Arab world in the early months of 2011. Many of the activists who took to the streets were inspired by social media posts. Israa Abd el Fattah was one of the first Egyptian activists to use social media. In April 2008 she tried to organise a general strike in protest at low wages, and rising prices. She was given the nickname "Facebook Girl". In 2011 she used her experiences with Facebook to help mobilise people before the Egypt's Arab Spring uprising. She spoke to Zeinab Dabaa for Witness History in 2017. She has since been detained by the Egyptian authorities.

3:45 The Panel with Lavina Good and Connor English