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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 12 November 2020

1:00 Live - MOH Covid-19 Update

1:17 International study calls for 1000 New Zealanders who stutter to help with research

Researchers are trying to locate the genes which cause people to stutter and are looking for 1000 New Zealanders to take part.

University of Otago Professor Lynette Sadleir is a paediatric neurologist and involved in the project and she tells Jesse that while it is known genetics have a role to play and four genes have been identified, the exact cause is yet to be discovered.

To sign up for the study, visit the study website,  or for more details email

Lynette Sadleir

Lynette Sadleir Photo: Otago University Wellington

1:27 The kiwifruit season in Ōpōtiki: What it's like for workers

Catarina de Peters Leitãoe is the author of a new essay about, among other things, the kiwifruit season in Ōpōtiki.

The essay Hard Labour in Paradise includes stories shared by Catarina's mother who's worked in a packing house. 

The essay is part of a new anthology of New Zealand writing called Ko Aotearoa Tātou: We are New Zealand edited by Michelle Elvy, Paula Morris and James Norcliffe, and published by Otago University Press. 

Jesse speaks to Catarina about her work.

Along 4754 State Highway 35, Bay of Plenty, Omaio

Along 4754 State Highway 35, Bay of Plenty, Omaio Photo: Catarina de Peters Leitãoe

1:35 The Paper Mill: Mataura's toxic waste nightmare

The Paper Mill: Mataura's toxic waste is a new short documentary that is centred on the devastation of the Mataura River in Southland. 

It's the first episode of the second season of the documentary series Frame, produced by Wrestler for The Spinoff.

Jesse speaks to documentary director Nadia Maxwell.


1:45 Great album: The Velvet Underground - Unloaded

2:10 Brad Warrington's music picks

RNZ's Brad Warrington AKA DJ Sticky shares a new track from Khruangbin - Summer Madness and he revisits the archives with a song from  A Tribe Called Quest's Midnight Marauders album released this week in 1993.

No caption

Photo: Brad Warrington

2:20 Recipe request: Organic Crudites, Whipped Smoked Roe, Furikake 

Eateries all over the country have their special recipes. We've asked you what recipe you would like from your favourite cafe - and on your behalf we've invited them onto the show to share their secret. Today we're showcasing Organic Crudites, Whipped Smoked Roe, Furikake from Highwater Eatery in Wellington created by chef Alric Hansen. You can find the recipe here.

Organic Crudites, Whipped Smoked Roe, Furikake

Organic Crudites, Whipped Smoked Roe, Furikake Photo: Alric Hansen / Highway Eatery

2:25 Crimes NZ: Scott Guy murder

Ten years since Feilding farmer Scott Guy was gunned down on his own drive way, no one has been held to account for his murder.

Stuff Investigative journalist, Mike White, has gone through the police case in depth and talks to Jesse about who could have been responsible for the 31 year old's death, including a suspect other than his brother-in-law, Ewen McDonald who was charged, but found not guilty of his murder.

No caption

Photo: supplied

3:10 Link 3 Answer: They start with voice not music 

Smash Mouth - All Star /  LORDE - Team /  The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love

3:15 Simon Wilson - the slow pace of change

Senior writer for The New Zealand Herald Simon Wilson's been attending the Climate Change and Business Conference which is currently on in Auckland. He tells Jesse there are some extremely stirring messages.

3:25 The changing definition of "middle age" in New Zealand's history

Today is Dr Grant Morris' 46th birthday which has prompted the historian from the Victoria University of Wellington to consider how middle age has been defined over time in New Zealand.

Brain ageing begins in middle age.

Brain ageing begins in middle age. Photo: Creative Commons

3:35 Eyewitness

This week in Eyewitness we head back in time, to 1970s New Zealand, and the little rural school that helped revitalise Te Reo Māori. 

3:45 The Panel with Heather Roy and Ian Powell


Music played in this show

1.30 First Song: Smash Mouth - All Star

2.06 Song: LORDE - Team

2.10 Music critic: Brad Warrington AKA DJ Sticky

A Tribe Called Quest's Midnight Marauders - Electric Relaxation

Khruangbin - Summer Madness

3.08 Song: The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love